Ryan’s first trip: Colorado

Ryan and I spent the first week of June in Colorado with my mom to visit my brother. I haven’t been there for a few years and of course Ryan has never been and I want him to see more of my brother–and I thought taking his first trip would be fun!! Crazy? Yes. Haha.

We spent the first part of the week at a hotel with a pool. Ryan had NO FEAR. He jumped off the edge of the pool over and over–sometimes before my mom or I were really there to be ready to catch him! Of course we always caught him, but we were taken by surprise a couple times! I even bought a floaty for him, but he didn’t want it–he just wanted to jump!

We spent lots of time with my brother:

The last half of the week, we stayed at a house in the mountains. I’ll write more on that later–the house was beautiful! And what a view:

We visited the river, which is crazy right now because the snow and ice in the mountains are still melting (late this year).

And you guys saw the pics of Ryan modeling the adorable new Applecheeks print, haha. So much fun in the mountains! We had no TV, no internet, no cell phones. HOW’D WE SURVIVE?! What else to do but take lots of pictures? And eat… and sleep…. lol.

It was a great trip, I’m really glad we got to go and Ryan got to spend some quality time with my brother–and so did I! Ryan was awesome and although I needed a vacation from our “vacation” after we got back, I can’t wait for our next trip! More to come on flying/traveling with a toddler and that beautiful house we stayed in!

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  • We just flew from Colorado to California for semi-vacation. I feel like we lugged our whole house with use through the airport! I’m curious to hear about your experience. We bought Shelby a seat (which we hadn’t done before). It was great except for the big car seat we had to lug everywhere. It took 7 hours door-to-door. The flight was only 2-1/2. UGH!


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