Pregnancy: week 8

When I was pregnant with Ryan, I wrote weekly updates like clockwork with information from Baby Center. This pregnancy? This will be my first update, but I hope to keep up with them weekly! Sure, I’ll still pull info from Baby Center, but I’m using a new chart this time… I first heard about this chart from my bloggy friend Joanna at Baby Gator’s Den. It’s a pregnancy calendar from Alpha Mom and it’s just plain awesome.


A gummy bear! Awwww. This little bear has webbed fingers and toes from its little hands and feet! There are also eyelids and breathing tubes from the throat to the lungs and the little “tail” is almost gone (hopefully, eh?).  Nerve cells are growing rapidly and connecting in the brain. This little bean is moving constantly, but I can’t feel it yet–too small!

I am… nauseated. No vomiting, but just sick to my stomach almost constantly. I remember saying “I NEVER WANT TO BE PREGNANT AGAIN!” when I was pregnant with Ryan…. but here I am…. pregnant again. It doesn’t seem as bad as it was before, but I can’t wait to feel normal again in about another month. I am hungry all the time, but then when I eat I seem to only be able to eat a few bites before I’m stuffed or sick. Or sometimes I’ll be starving, but can’t eat at all because I’m so nauseated. Awesome, right?

Weight gain: 2 pounds. I started at 107 and am now at 109.

I haven’t gained much, but definitely have a small belly. I don’t look pregnant to anyone else… just a little chubby! 😉 I need one of those shirts… “I’m pregnant, not fat!” I’ve been living in dresses though so I haven’t noticed tight clothes yet. With Ryan, I didn’t have a small belly until about 10 weeks? But they say you start to show earlier the second time around!

Cravings: nothing really. Salty foods, I guess…. cereal because it seems like all I can handle.
Food Aversions: depends on the moment. Nothing specific yet, just all foods in general it seems, lol.
Looking forward to: finding a midwife!

Working on meeting some different midwives next week…. really hoping I find an awesome one that I can connect with! I don’t feel rushed yet, but a prenatal appointment is a good idea at some point 😉

Other news from the Dickey’s… I finally went out and bought a little plastic pool for Ryan (we had a blow up one and a raccoon popped it!), a sprinkler, some water toys and baby flip flops–Ryan is all set! We love spending our days in the backyard relaxing. AND I bought something for the baby… an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. We didn’t use one with Ryan, but I’ve heard amazing things about them and had always wanted one! I found it on craigslist for cheap and barely used. Whoo! Next week we’re going camping–Ryan’s first time!!!

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