Pregnancy: Week 12 (& the baby’s heartbeat!)

12 weeks! The last week of the first trimester… This kid is about 2 inches long, like a lime. and weighs half an ounce. The biggest development this week: reflexes. Fingers will open and close, toes will curl, eye muscles will clench and the mouth will making sucking movements. If I poke my belly, the baby will squirm in response… but I can’t feel it yet.

The kidneys will start to excrete urine to the bladder, nerve cells are still developing rapidly, and his eyes have moved from the sides of the head to the front.

My week 12 picture from my pregnancy with Ryan!


I’m to the point where I need to eat all the time… at least every 2 hours… if I wait too long and get too hungry, I get nauseated. But I can’t eat much at once.

My uterus is growing and can be felt above the pelvic bone. My baby bump is definitely visible, even with a flowy dress on, but to strangers I’m sure I don’t look pregnant yet… I look like I have a beer belly?! lol.

Overall, I’m feeling better–emotionally and physically. I still get pretty tired (or maybe I just feel that way right now because I’m recovering from my trip to BlogHer in San Diego!)

I was supposed to have an ultrasound yesterday, but I rescheduled to Friday. I’ve heard (and read) that reproductive organs are fairly distinct now and they may be able to take a good guess at the baby’s sex…. but I don’t want them to! I don’t want them to GUESS, I want them to KNOW. So I’ll tell them on Friday to not even try. I’d hate to get all excited about one sex and then find out a month later they were wrong!

Weight: 110 lb. (+3 lb… and actually DOWN one pound from last week… too much activity at BlogHer?! lol)
What I’m looking forward to: seeing the kid on the ultrasound Friday!
Craving: still salty foods. Nothing too “heavy.”
Blood pressure (at my appt last Monday): 100/20

And…. the BABY’S HEARTBEAT! After hearing it, I asked the doctor what the heart rate was and he didn’t know (wasn’t paying attention?!) but he said he thinks it was 170-160:
Baby’s heartbeat (8/1) by Emily ‘Donahue’ Dickey

2 comments to Pregnancy: Week 12 (& the baby’s heartbeat!)

  • Christine

    Love the picture comparison to the first pregnancy. Also love that baby size is always a “fruit”.


  • i am 12 weeks pregnant. i am sixteen almost 17 and i used to weigh an average 117 pounds before getting pregnant. im sure its all water weight and breast and butt weight right now, but i weigh 126 now. i cant eat much at all even thought i get hungry. if i do eat even a little i get sick. my breasts are sore. i feel nauseous all the time. maybe it could be cuz i am so small. Or that my body isnt ready for a pregnancy. but i havent yet had a complication to my pregnancy and i am hoping to keep it that way.


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