the best place in Rockford for kids

We have the best children’s museum (the Discovery Center) and Ryan loves it there. We easily wipe out 2 hours there and Ryan is exhausted just in time for his nap when we leave–perfect 😉 This place is 2 stories and is for all ages. Ryan likes to explore all it, but of course there are areas for school-aged kids for experiments and things that he doesn’t get yet (he just likes the buttons).

Upstairs there’s a tot-spot for kids under 6 and it’s awesome. It has 2 huge water tables, train tables, slides, a train, blocks, a huge “house” with a kitchen, laundry, etc. and lots of other fun stuff.

So serious.

In the tot-spot there’s a corner area fenced off for babies (under 18 months old). Yea, Ryan is 20 months old, but no one else was there and… close enough. He spent some time checkin’ out the cutie in the mirror, climbing the tumbling mats, and playing music on the instruments. Oh, and his favorite, opening and closing (and locking) the gate:

One of those warped mirrors had Ryan a little confused

It took Ryan a minute to finally approach this puppy. I think he thought it was real! And he was a little nervous about it… but then he went in the dog house and pet it.

Also? He loved pushing the baby from the “house” around in the stroller, pushing the button for the “chooo chooo” noise on the train, and driving the pizza delivery truck.

Downstairs there is a farm room and Ryan loves climbing up and down the stairs to a huge tractor and sitting in the driver’s seat.

There are also fake cows you can milk and chickens with eggs… and lots of other cool stuff.

THEN there’s an entire outside area with more water tables and a playground that’s like a maze… with secret rooms, slides, swings, bridges… I didn’t get any pictures from this trip though–the one below is from their website.

Right now Ryan is free because he’s under 2, so I only have to pay for myself to get in. But once he turns 2, I think we’ll get a yearly pass! It’s such a great place to spend the day. (no, this post is not sponsored, haha.)

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