I can’t believe we’re having a baby girl

When I was pregnant with Ryan, I KNEW it was a boy. I was positive. And I was right. With this one… I had no idea. I kept telling everyone that I was sure it was a boy, but mainly because I was trying to prepare myself for that outcome. I love my baby boy and would adore another baby boy, don’t get me wrong….. but of course I also really wanted to have a girl!

So I thought if I convinced myself it was a boy, I wouldn’t be too disappointed when it turned out to actually be a boy… hey, I’d be RIGHT, and that’s always a good thing 😉

Anyway, all signs pointed to BOY!

There were a couple of things, however, making me think it was a girl…

I felt Ryan move really early–like 15 weeks??? Yea I could go back though my blog posts and check the actual date, but I’m too lazy. This baby?? I’ve just very recently felt move–and barely. So I thought–does that mean the baby is smaller? Does that mean…. girl?!

And then there’s the differences in pregnancies. I know even with the same sex pregnancies can vary widely, but I was hoping it meant girl 😉 First, I have been wayyyyyyyyyy overly emotional this pregnancy. Poor Steve, lol. I was NOT this way when pregnant with Ryan. Second, the migraines! AH!

And now we know, it’s a girl 🙂 I’m still in disbelief. I mean, I never get lucky so how did we get a girl?! Is this real life? One boy and one girl? SO excited!

On Friday night, we had a bunch of family over for dinner. My mom made cupcakes for dessert that were filled with either pink or blue frosting (she was the only one that knew the sex!) and it was sooooo hard to sit there through dinner… and chit chat… ahhhh, when is it cupcake time?! We also had everyone come in pink or blue with what their guess was! I totally cheated and wore both pink and blue, haha. There were 8 people with blue on and 4 with pink. But our friends came over later and then we had a total of 9 blue and 7 pink. But my readers knew better 🙂 The poll results: 56% said girl, 37% said boy and 7% of you crazies said alien.

At first we were going to have everyone bite into their cupcakes together, but then Steve and I decided to let Ryan be the star. We put him in his highchair with his cupcake and we all gathered around to watch him. He loves stuff like that 😉 At first he just poked at the frosting… more waiting… then I told Ryan to “cut” his cupcake open (with a spoon) and he did, immediately. And it was PINK!

The picture above is the closest to the moment we all found out. I believe a very excited relative (cough, motherinlaw, cough, haha) yelled in joy and that’s what Ryan and I are both looking at, haha. Ryan’s like – what’d I do?!

I love this picture because everyone started clapping when we found out and Ryan put down his spoon, opened his arms wide, and gave us ONE big clap! Haha, it was awesome. And thanks to Megan for catching it on camera!

The happy family of FOUR 🙂

The star of the show… Mr. Big Brother! <3

Coming soon: photos of the adorable baby girl outfits we already bought 🙂 Also… turns out I’m REALLLLLLY picky, haha.


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