Ryan’s first pony ride at the apple orchard!

Last weekend we took Ryan to the apple orchard. They have the most amazing cider donuts, so that’s where we started. YUM. It was an unusually hot day for October–like 80 degrees–it was beautiful!

Then we went into the animal barn… Ryan literally tried to climb through the fence to get in the pen with the chickens. He stuck his arms through, tried to climb it, and almost put his head all the way through, haha.

The playground area had a big pirate ship that Ryan went up and down, over and over and over, and some other toys like a train, houses and OH BOY, a TRACTOR! I don’t know why, but Ryan loves tractors!

We brought Ryan here a year ago–on another unusually hot day (weird!)–when he was barely walking yet… check out this then and now pic! So cute!

And… his first pony ride!!! I was worried that he’d fall off and kept insisting Steve walk around the circle at his side. Steve, however, kept insisting he could do it on his own and that he didn’t need to walk next to him. So… we let him go. He had to sit and wait a minute while they loaded other kids on and he was holding on tight and looked SO excited! Once they started going, Steve and I were the biggest nerds ever (okay, maybe it was just me)–waving at Ryan the whole time, the biggest smiles on our faces, I took a million pictures… it was awesome. I was so excited for him, haha.

waiting to start… looking nervous and excited!

woah! is this thing moving?! what’s going on?!

hey mom. hey dad.

we stopped. wait, why’d we stop? you’re not taking me off this thing, are you?! again! again!

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