Pregnancy: week 22

A mini-looking newborn! 11 inches and almost 1 pound, her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are more distinct… if I had one of those fun 4D ultrasounds, I’d really get to see HER and what she’s going to look like! (But I’m not having one, lol). She has tiny tooth buds, but the irises of her eyes still don’t have any pigment yet.

compare to week 22 from my last pregnancy

I feel huge… which I know is ridiculous, because I know how huge I’m really about to get. But still…

I’m hungry all the time… I eat breakfast with Ryan around 7-8am and have to eat breakfast #2 around 10-11am… then lunch… dinner… snacks… cereal before bed…. I’m alllllllllways hungry.

Heartburn. AHHHH. I never ever get heartburn–except during pregnancy. And it’s pure misery. Things that seem to help: eating less greasy food, eating smaller amounts more often rather than big meals, making sure I don’t get too hungry… but I still get heartburn every day, nearly constantly. It’s worst at night and it keeps me awake in bed. I’ve gotten some advice on things to try: papaya, apple cider vinegar, liquid cal-mag, magnesium powder….

That’s about it this week!

Weight: 121 lb (+2 lb from last week, +14 lb overall)
Coming up: midwife appt Oct 26, Ryan is 22 months on Oct 27, closing on our new house Oct 31 – and Halloween!!
Looking forward to: decorating Ryan’s new room and the baby’s nursery at the new house!!!!

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