a cabin on the lake in the woods

At the end of Sept/early October, Ryan and I went up north to Wisconsin with my parents. It’s a 5-hour drive straight north on Little St. Germain Lake. I haven’t been there in years, but used to go all the time when I was little–it was our annual fishing trip–so I was really excited to get to take Ryan at the perfect time for the beautiful fall colors.

He liked to watch Grandpa fish off the end of the dock… and he made it hard for his mama by running all over the dock and it was nearly impossible for me to stay next to his side to make sure he didn’t fall in….. and that he did. Thankfully, I was actually inside the cabin taking a nap (or I probably would have had a heart attack). Ryan was going on a boat ride with my parents. He was standing right next to my mom when she turned to throw the life jackets into the boat…. and she heard a splash. She yelled for my dad, but he was too far away. She turned to see Ryan in the lake, floating on his back, and he immediately reached his arm up and my mom grabbed it and pulled him out. So proud of him!!! He wasn’t panicking (or drowning) or anything. Guess those swim lessons paid off!

While we were waiting for Grandpa to catch a fish, Ryan was making his fishy faces.

Right out our back door was a big playground, between the cabin and the lake. Ryan was outside the majority of the trip on that swing set! It had a little rock-climbing wall and after I showed him how to climb it like twice, he was a pro.

Oh I guess I shouldn’t forget to mention that Grandpa did catch a few fish! Ryan was there for the action on this little guy and he went right up and touched the fish, which is funny because he HATES getting his hands dirty. But who can resist a fishy?!

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa, for a memorable trip!

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