Pregnancy: week 23

Baby girl is working hard on lung development… they say 24 weeks is when a baby has a chance at survival outside the womb, if born prematurely. 23 weeks? Not yet. What a huge difference one week (even one day!) makes!

She’s about a foot long and just over a pound. She also has a great sense of movement so she gets to have some fun, too, when I’m dancing with Ryan 🙂 Her hearing is well developed so the sounds she’s hearing now will be familiar to her after she’s born… I should start vacuuming more often so she’s not afraid of it 😉

compare with week 23 from my last pregnancy!

I’ve been sick and miserable for the past week. Ryan was sick first so I got it from him when I let him sleep in bed with me and he coughed for 5 minutes straight right in my face. But of course, his only lasted like 2 days. Me? I’ve been useless for days, can’t breathe from this constant runny nose, my throat is raw and I talk like a man, I get way too many headaches to function and I have to entertain an active toddler all day–who, by the way, has just decided to get up at 5:45am every day instead of his usual 6:30-7am. Awesome.

Not much new with the pregnancy…. baby girl seems to be moving a bit more, but mostly at night so no one else has felt her yet.

I’m getting anxious about this homebirth and need to work on that, get started on hypnobabies, etc – but FIRST we have to move to our new house and get settled! We move on Halloween–finally!

Weight: 122 lb (+1 lb from last week, +15 lb overall)
Coming up: midwife appt (tomorrow, Oct 26), close on new house and move in (Oct 31), interview doula (Nov 5)
Looking forward to: Halloween with our little man dinosaur!!!

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