Need $100? Enter here to win a gift card!

Steve and I just had a discussion tonight about gifts this holiday season… we’ve spent way too much money lately, but it has all been on our new house and on our incredibly spoiled little boy! We have almost no gifts yet for Christmas and LOTS of people to buy for! We tried to brainstorm what to get each person, but some of them are so hard!

Gift cards are nice for people that are tough to buy for or for people out of town… but a gift card to where?! What’s their favorite store? What do they need? Where do they want to eat? AH MORE DECISIONS.

Thanks to Array Gift, you can buy one gift card and the recipient can select where they want to use it–from over 500 retailers! Seriously, every store you could want is on there.

And? These cards have no fees and no expiration dates.

You can instantly buy and send your gift card online–it will be emailed to the recipient or you can choose to print it. Once it is given as a gift, the recipient gets on Array Gift to redeem it! The image above shows what they’ll see. You can see I have a balance of $100 to redeem. If you know what store you want to use it on, you can type it in–otherwise you can browse alphabetically or search by category (food, clothes, etc.). There’s also a form you can print to redeem by mail, if you prefer.

I used mine on Walmart. Part of me wanted to use it on something FUN (like chocolate?!), but I decided to be responsible… Walmart is basically the only store in this new small town we just moved to and they have almost everything. The $100 will be used well! AND instead of getting one $100 card to Walmart, I decided to get FOUR $25 cards to Walmart, in case we decided to use some of them as gifts! Handy!

Want to try it out?!

GIVEAWAY: enter to win a $100 gift card to Array Gift, which can be used on over 500 retailers, you pick! Please use the form below to enter. Open to US and Canada.



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