my top 10 pregnancy must-have products

Pregnancy is a fun and exciting time, bonding with your new little one and experiencing all new things. But it can also sometimes be uncomfortable and nauseating, right?! After two pregnancies, I have my go-to items and find that others are always asking me for recommendations on some of these things. So, I put together this TOP 10 pregnancy must-have products list!

1. A body pillow or maternity pillow or 5 different pillows piled up to support your belly, your back and between your knees. There’s nothing worse than a terrible night of sleep!!!

~I have the Sealy Sweet Pea pillow from Kolcraft–it doubles as a nursing pillow after baby comes.

2. A handheld showerhead. Yep. I recently got one and don’t know how I lived without it before–pregnant or not! But especially pregnant. It’s really handy and the massage setting held right on your back? Amazing. (We have Moen’s Refresh rain shower head with handheld.)

3. Tea. I’m not a tea person at all, but this pregnancy I’ve found it very calming and it helped my nausea tremendously. I like the morning wellness tea from EMAB and the raspberry leaf tea from Traditional Medicinals.

4. Eye mask. This goes along with #1–anything to get a better night of sleep! I loooove my eye mask. Actually, I have three of them. It keeps light out so I’m not bothered by hall lights (left on for our son) or the morning sun. My favorite one? My Tempur-pedic Eye Mask.

5. A support belt. I didn’t have one of these during Ryan’s pregnancy, but always wanted one. I got one cheap (consignment sale!) this time and LOVE IT. Especially with all the activity recently of moving into a new house, this thing has been amazing. It holds my belly up and supports my back. I couldn’t tell ya the exact one I have, but it looks just like this one.

6. A bella band. Maybe similar to #5, but it’s not really for support–this is more for coverage and wearing those pants (unbuttoned and unzipped) as long as you can! There are different brands of this same thing, but I have the Ingrid & Isabel.

image from

7. Rubber bands. A cheaper solution to those pre-pregnancy pants that won’t zip or button anymore? A rubber band or hair tie. Loop it through the button hole of your pants and around the button = instant waist extender! I use hair ties. As long as your top is thick and long enough, no one will know!

8. Yoga pants. Any product with the word “maternity” attached to it is instantly 3 times more expensive than it would be otherwise. Sure, maternity pants are comfy, but you can probably totally get by without them. Yoga or stretchy pants, all the way! I live in yoga pants and leggings with long tees, sweaters or dresses.

~I love my Bella Stretch Yoga Pants and… for a fancier look (and more expensive–but can be worn outside of pregnancy because they aren’t maternity pants!), I looooove my Max Studio pants.

9. Coffee. Some say coffee (caffeine) is bad for you during pregnancy and I agree that it can be. Everything in moderation! I believe caffeine intake should be limited during pregnancy (and always, for that matter), but that some each day is okay (scientific studies will back me on that). I have a cup every morning and love my Keurig and my Green Mountain Coffee (french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel vanilla cream… yummm!)

10. Oils and lotions. Massage is a pregnant lady’s best friend. If you’re lucky enough to have your significant other massage your back or feet, awesome! If not, do it yourself! Get some scented lotions that relax you (some scents can bother pregnant women so watch out!) and are calming… and stuff for that stretching belly!

I love Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Body Butter and Natural Stretch Oil. I also love anything with cocoa butter or a nice lavender, minty scent.

What would you add to this list of pregnancy must-have products?

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