New Eating Habits with Christmas Cookies?!

**guest post from my mom who is reviewing the Nutrisystem program!**

I just wanted to post and say that I have not yet started my Nutrisystem Program. I have been so busy with holiday preparations and whatever else it is I do that I haven’t had much time to study the information and do the program justice.  By that I also mean that I’m a little afraid of “failure” around the holiday season… maybe not a little, but A LOT afraid.  I LOVE to bake Christmas cookies and, of course, I sample them left and right! I just don’t want to start and do a terrible job in the next two weeks. I want to start and stick to this. So, I will be starting the day after Christmas!

Today I so wanted to try the mint bars! I have been saving everything until I start, but ahhh, just had to open one and try it. YUMMM! It was really good. It came recommended highly by Meredith Bandy, the wonderful person I communicate with from Nutrisystem. I’m glad I ordered several of those! So, I think I am really going to like this 🙂 Stay tuned! Do you have a favorite food from Nutrisystem?

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~disclosure: I received product from Nutrisystem for my review, but I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.


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