Lunch with friends: $100 cash giveaway

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Steve and I don’t get out enough. Most of our friends don’t have kids (yet!) and sometimes I totally miss the freedom that I see them enjoying. The funny thing is, though, when Steve and I do get a chance at freedom (thanks to our lovely babysitters Ryan calls gam gam and papa), we cherish the quiet and alone time… hence the reason we don’t get out enough, haha.

The other weekend we met up with 2 friends for lunch, sans kid!!!, and it was wonderful. We really need to make plans like that more often. Adult conversation will keep ya sane lol. And it’s always nice to catch up with friends. I’ve known this chick since we were both in Kindergarten! And look at the two matching men in the photos with their eyes open wide–nerds. And bffs.

Sorry for the terribly blurry iPhone pictures, but there we are! That’s me and my hubby on the left and our 2 great friends on the right. We met for lunch, everyone had some bloody mary’s (except this preggo, don’t worry), appetizers (YUM for fried mashed potato and bacon rolls or whatever they were called, haha), and entrees.

Lunch was on me–how fun to take out great friends and be able to treat them to it! My friends paid for their meals and then to pay them back I used this new website called Serve. It’s a way for friends/family/anyone to send and receive money via email or mobile device. I never have any cash and who still carries around a checkbook?! So when I owe friends money, it can become a hassle to get the cash and track them down to pay them back. Serve makes it soooo easy.

And no worries, it’s a totally safe and secure system through American Express. It takes a minute to sign up and you don’t have to link to any bank accounts or anything (unless you want to!). I did have some trouble getting my account verified through my email address, but it appears that issue has been fixed and is working fine now.

If you sign up for Serve now, you’ll get a free $10 in your account just to try it! And you can refer friends and get up to $50 credited to your account. This is how it works: after you sign up, Serve sends you a personal debit card in the mail that’s linked to your Serve account. You use that card anywhere, just like you would any credit/debit card. I LOVE the idea of setting up accounts for your older children–for their allowance and to keep them on a budget!

You can also find Serve on facebook and twitter.

**GIVEAWAY OVER! The winner is: Valerie T! CONGRATS, Valerie!**

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