Pregnancy: week 32

*8 weeks left!*

Baby girl weighs almost 4 pounds and is ~16.5 inches long from head to toe. She’ll be gaining nearly half her birth body weight in the next 7 weeks–oh boy! And she’s really starting to fill up all that space in my uterus. That means her kicks and punches kind of… roll or glide across my belly, instead of being all stabby. She’s getting squished in there!

She has toenails and fingernails and hair (we hope) and her skin is becoming softer and smoother as she gains more fat.

compare to week 32 from my last pregnancy!

Exhausted. But maybe that’s because we’ve been running around like crazy people for Christmas for the past week and Ryan just had his SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! yesterday… and now I’m planning his party that’s next weekend. And trying to do the last of the prep work for this birth/baby…

Still have a cold or something just plain annoying. I passed it on to Ryan too so his nose is running like a faucet.

My blood volume has increased 40-50% and the uterus now pushing against my diaphragm sometimes makes breathing a bit difficult. It’s pretty sad when you feel out of breath after walking across the room and picking up your son’s toys. “Ryan, mommy needs to sit. Mommy is huge and fat and pregnant.” And Ryan repeats: “huge and fat. mommy.” Awesome! haha.

I’m finally feeling the baby up in my rib cage and lots of movements up there so I am hoping that means she has moved head down! My midwife will check next week.

Weight: 136 lb (up 1 lb from last week, up 29 lbs total)
Current complaints: RESTLESS LEG, ahhhhhhhhhh, I despise you. And sore hips while sleeping.
Looking forward to: the new year! It’s the year of the BABY!

To-do: visit chiro, paint the baby’s room (who’s in?!), get sheets (for cradle, bassinet, crib AND changing pad), get list of homebirth supplies from midwife at next appt (next week!)

Done: childbirth classes and hypnobabies are in progress, doula hired and appointments (including massages) have been set

Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve?! I think we’ll be staying home with the child. And surprising him at midnight with lots of hugs and kisses! And by surprising, I mean scaring, because he’ll be asleep. 🙂

2 comments to Pregnancy: week 32

  • Sonya Morris

    I see you still have to paint, get the Low VOC paint so you and the little one are not inhaling a lot of fumes!! Ask where you buy paint, and they will show you which paints are low VOC. If I lived near you, I would be in for the painting…just the trim, I don’t like rolling!
    My hips hurt so bad during the end of my third pregnancy that I had to slip sitting up in the recliner surrounded by pillows!
    Not much longer, woohoo!!


  • Awwww, only 8 weeks left!! Then it will be all pink & pretty princess for you 🙂 YAY!


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