the big birthday boy!

Ryan turned two on Tuesday the 27th, ahhh! Steve had the day off work since Christmas Eve and Christmas landed on the weekend this year so that was really awesome. Steve made one of Ryan’s favorites for breakfast–biscuits and gravy–and then we headed up to Rockford to visit the Discovery Center (the children’s museum).

Ryan had a blast and it was Steve’s first time being there since he was a kid so we all had a lot of fun.

We stayed until he got all spacey-eyed and went home for a nap. Then we played, read books, made dinner and opened presents! Steve made meatloaf for dinner–another favorite of Ryan’s–and a cake with chocolate frosting for dessert.

Ryan tried so hard to blow out that candle, haha. I wish I had it on video!!! But I didn’t know it would take so long so I had my camera ready to capture the blow on photo. He did finally get it though without help, just encouragement from mom and dad! He picked at the cake and really only ate the chocolate frosting, haha. That’s mama’s boy! 🙂

We really had a great day and I’m so glad we all got to spend it together as a family. I woke up the next morning in disbelief that we have a TWO YEAR OLD!!! but he’ll always be my baby boy!

It’s so busy right now with Christmas and the New Year, that we’re having his birthday party with family next weekend… Elmo themed! I may have gone overboard yesterday at the party store picking up decorations and things–can’t wait!

“YAY, I’M TWO! and I just blew out my birthday candle!” 🙂

Happy Birthday, little man!

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