anti-inflammatory wellness drink

Nopalea (no-pah lay’uh) is a new anti-inflammatory wellness drink that is all-natural. It’s made from the fruit of the Nopal cactus, which is said to have certain healing powers that have been used for ages. The drink has antioxidants, specifically ones called betalains, that have been scientifically proven to help reduce inflammation. If you can reduce inflammation, you can reduce pain.

You’re supposed to drink about three to six oz of Nopalea every day to start. After that you can lessen the amount over

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See your lover more clearly this Valentine’s Day!

Zenni Optical is the #1 online store for eyeglasses because they have a huge selection and great prices. They have quality prescription glasses starting at just $6.95! That’s awesome. When I realized I needed glasses for the first time I was in college. I couldn’t see the board at the front of the classroom if I was sitting in the back. So I went to see an eye doctor. Sure enough, he wrote me a prescription; I’m slightly near-sighted.

As I was leaving

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My giggling baby boy

Did you know I have the silliest, cutest little boy ever? I might be biased 😉

Pregnancy week 37: full term!

*3 weeks to go!*

FULL TERM! My due date is still 3 weeks away so I know that doesn’t mean a lot, but it gives some peace of mind. This baby girl could be born anytime now with lungs mature enough to likely be just fine. I’ll take the 3 extra weeks though! And seeing how Ryan was 9 days late, I’m figuring I’ll get 4 more weeks with this little one.

Resources say she weighs around 6.5 lbs and is 19-20 inches long.

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Homebirth guest post

**Jennifer is a lovely woman I met online. She was reading my blog and saw my lists of things we still needed for our homebirth… she had some items leftover from her own homebirths and she very kindly and generously sent them to me. I appreciate it SO MUCH! I asked her if she’d type up a guest post about her homebirth so I could share it with all of you. Please say hi and show Jennifer some love! If you have ANY questions for her, feel free to leave them in the comments

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AnimaLamp portable nightlight giveaway

Do you guys remember when I posted about the Mobi GloMate? Cute nightlight and awesome toy. A little recap: it glows in different colors, it’s portable and rechargeable, lasts for ~10 hours, and it slowly dims over 15 minutes for nap/bedtime. Ryan LOVES this thing. It became the #1 toy in our house about a year ago (when Ryan was around 1.5 years old) as we used it for many, many (MANY) games of hide-and-seek. It became Ryan’s buddy even when it wasn’t charged and

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Wordless Wednesday: life of a WAHM (work at home mom)

Also? This is why moms hate the phone, work-at-home-mom or not!!!

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