the baby bucket list

I’ve got 5 weeks left. Just over a month. That’s 5 weekends to get things done with my husband, since weekdays are spent with Ryan while the hubby is at work. FIVE. I need to plan well. Lately, it’s all I think about. I might drive myself crazy first…. I make list after list, losing every one or changing the order or adding more things.

Well, I’m writing this blog post for me–to keep track of what I want to do or need to do–a list I won’t lose and a list to help keep me sane.

BABY STUFF we still need/want:

~cradle sheet (need 1 more)
~cradle waterproof mattress cover
~crib sheet
~crib waterproof mattress cover
~more cloth wipes (washcloths)
~pink and ruffly cloth diapers
~newborn-sized disposable diapers (just in case)
~cute girl stuff like headbands, bows, hats, etc – esp for newborn photo props
~pottery barn anywhere chair with her name (just like Ryan’s that we used for his monthly pictures)
~a couple new nursing bras/tanks
~new glass baby bottles and nipples

BIRTH STUFF we still need/want:

~Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm
~Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom spray
~water birth net
~fitted waterproof mattress cover
~Emergen-C and electrolyte drinks
~evening primrose oil
~sitz bath
~witch hazel
~epsom salt

STUFF TO DO before baby is here:

~order my midwife’s birth kit
~paint the baby’s room (um, decide on a COLOR first!)
~paint the baby’s armoire & changing table top white
~fix the closet rod in the baby’s room that fell thanks, Steve!
~hang the pink canopy above the crib
~hang wall hangings (after painting)
~get double curtain rod and hang lace curtains
~buy wooden letters that spell her name & mod podge with scrapbook paper
~get lamp and make lace shade
~prepare meals to freeze
~overnight getaway with SteveDONE!
~maternity photos(this Sunday!)
~dig out Ryan’s old bassinet sheets, my nursing pads, etc.
~organize birth supplies – easy access for midwife
~create a birth plan just in case we transfer to a hospital
~pack a small bag just in case we transfer to a hospital
~set up newborn photography session
~pay all the homebirth bills (midwife, doula, placental encapsulation, etc.)
~run jacuzzi jets with bleach
~switch the showerhead in our bathroom back to the handheld
~write out affirmations to have handy during labor
~buy new hardware for the cradle (we lost it in the move) & assemble
~clean out the extra bedroom (currently used as storage) for guests

Okay…. that’s all I can come up with right now. Phew, I feel better just having it all written down in one place rather than all floating around in my head! I’ll add to the lists on this post as things arise and I’ll cross things out as we accomplish them. FIVE WEEKS!


headband from etsy (click photo for details)

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