Pregnancy week 37: full term!

*3 weeks to go!*

FULL TERM! My due date is still 3 weeks away so I know that doesn’t mean a lot, but it gives some peace of mind. This baby girl could be born anytime now with lungs mature enough to likely be just fine. I’ll take the 3 extra weeks though! And seeing how Ryan was 9 days late, I’m figuring I’ll get 4 more weeks with this little one.

Resources say she weighs around 6.5 lbs and is 19-20 inches long. Ryan was 20 inches long when he was born, so she’s about full size at this point! Still gaining more fat though. My midwife guessed (by touch) a few days ago that she’s currently 5.5-6 lbs… she’ll gain about 0.5 lb each week now–that will put her pretty close to Ryan’s birth size! (7lb 9 oz).

I’m seriously running out of clothes that fit. Even maternity clothes don’t fit. Most shirts aren’t long enough–as soon as my arms are raised at all, the shirt is up showing my lower belly. Hot, I know. I finally resorted to wearing Steve’s clothes around the house… now if only I could pass in public dressed that way, haha.

My ribcage is expanding to make space for all those squished organs.

Braxton-Hicks contractions are getting a bit ridiculous. If I hadn’t had them before (ya know, since week 20?) I’d probably think I was in labor. I’ve had them every day forever, but now I’m having a LOT more, fairly strong.

Steve and I spent the weekend in Lake Geneva, WI–our last getaway before the baby. It was really nice to just relax in the hotel, eat at a fancy restaurant, and escape for a bit. We also got in some good labor practice… we made a list of things to talk about during contractions and Steve really helped me work through some fears, it was great!

Weight: 140 lb (up 1 lb from last week, up 33 lb total)
Looking forward to: midwife appt Tues, doula appt Wed, baby shower for a friend on Saturday!
Complaints: contractions and pain at my c-section scar
Excited about: having the baby’s room almost done. It’s painted, the dresser is painted… just need to do lots of laundry, organize the closet and drawers, and hang stuff on the walls!
Bucket list? almost done!

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