Pregnancy week 39: birth day poll!

*1?! week to go! take the poll below!*

^coolest picture ever. (from the visual md)

Same old stuff, different day. Not much exciting going on at this point, she’s just gaining more weight and getting more cramped. She’s probably somewhere around 7 pounds and about 20 inches long. A mini watermelon. I’m walking around with a watermelon.

Did you know that late-term ultrasounds are notoriously terrible at guessing the size of your baby? They can be off by ~2 pounds in either direction…. so if your doc is trying to tell you your baby is “too big”…. remember that!!!

compare to week 39 from my last pregnancy–oh my gosh, it looks so perfectly round! lol

I’ve never been so exhausted over nothing. Okay, carrying a watermelon around isn’t nothing, but I’ll just LOOK at Ryan’s toys all over the floor and decide I need a nap. I’ve had a couple of waves of super productive days (nesting?) where I got a crap load done, but then I crash and die (almost).

Baby is still moving quite a bit, I’m still contracting randomly–they wake me up at night, they’re obnoxious, they make me sweat and beg Steve to open the windows to the 20 degree air outside. My favorite thing to do? Lift my shirt and show Steve my pregnant belly. Without fail, every time, he just stares in awe. Amazed or disgusted, take your pick, he can’t believe how big my body can get, haha. He’s thanking his lucky stars that he isn’t the one carrying around a watermelon.

Posts to come on all the sewing I did, Rebecca’s room, our homebirth setup and costs, and Ryan prepping to be a big brother. <--Why do I keep adding things to my to-do list?! I've been doing so well at only crossing things off! But something has to keep me busy for the next week. 2 weeks? What do you think????

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Weight: 143 lb (up 3 lb from last week [?!] and up about 36 lb total)
Looking forward to: seeing an old friend passing through town Tuesday, Midwife appt Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, Doula appt Wednesday

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