a family of four: updates

Oh boy, where to begin! We’ve been busy! Steve had to go back to work the Thursday after Rebecca was born and my mom came down and stayed with me those next two days. And some more the next week, too. Thanks, mom! She definitely made the adjustment from a family of 3 to a family of 4 easier (although we are still working on it lol). But it gave me time to recover and rest after that marathon labor! She helped a lot with Ryan, too, so I could cuddle up with my new baby girl.

Rebecca slept a lot that first week… I don’t remember Ryan being like that, but we were in the hospital the first 3 days and even at home after that I was completely out of it–in pain, on vicodin, not moving because of the (c-section) pain… so who knows.

She’s starting to be awake more often now, for a few hours at a time – and then she’ll sleep for a few hours in a row.

She’s a pro at nursing. I’m sure it was just that much easier this time around because Ryan was still nursing once in awhile so I was still in the groove and there was no soreness or pain.

For about the past week Rebecca has been fussy from about 8-10pm. I mean, she’s SO GOOD the other 22 hours of the day, she has to cry sometime, right? She’s not inconsolable, just fussy, and Steve and I take turns bouncing her or singing to her–Steve has his favorite songs for her already (“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars)

BUT… last night… she slept right through the 8-10pm fussy period… knock on wood!!! It’s 7:30pm right now so I guess I’ll find out soon what’s going to happen, haha.

Otherwise, once she falls asleep for the night, she sleeps for 4 hours straight. Then I nurse her and she falls right back to sleep (usually). But after that, she wakes up every 1-1.5 hours. That’s not as fun. And Ryan is now waking up at 5:30am–AH! So although Rebecca continues to sleep until about 9am, we’re up at 5:30 with Ryan, but that gives us some alone time so that’s good. And Ryan still takes a 2 hour afternoon nap so that’s good, too!

Rebecca had a well baby visit with our new family practitioner when she was 4 days old and all was great. Then at a 1.5 weeks of age, we met with our midwife for a check up… at that point Rebecca weighed just over 8lb (whoo!) and we have her one-month visit next week. ONE MONTH?!

I feel like this post is just all over the place with random information, but that’s how my brain is functioning at the moment! 🙂

Ryan is such a big boy. He’s my goof-ball. His favorite word is “actually” and he loves to vacuum. For example… I’ll say “Ryan, you’re my baby boy, let’s go play.” And Ryan will say, “Actually… I’m your goof-ball and first I’m going to vacuum.”

Posts that are half written in my brain and I just need to find the time to actually type up and publish (so… coming… soon?): my birth story, tandem nursing (oh boy), sibling rivalry (Ryan’s adjustment), postpartum differences (blues/PPD), our “Meet Rebecca” party, and coming up… Rebecca’s first month!

PS – it is now 8:20pm (I left to read Ryan some bedtime stories) and Rebecca did NOT wake up!!! Fingers crossed! 🙂

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