body after baby: one month postpartum

I gained 40 lb this pregnancy. I only gained 30 when I was pregnant with Ryan, but I also started 10 lb heavier with Ryan…. so basically I was the same weight at the end of pregnancy for each child = ~147 lb.

40 weeks

So far, I’ve lost about 15 lb, putting me at ~127-128lb. Right after Rebecca was born, I was at 140 and then I dropped 10 lb easily in the next week. A couple more pounds have come off since then, but I’ve been pretty steady at this point. GAH.

I don’t feel the ┬áneed to get back down to 107 lb… that was kind of low… I’d be happy at 115 ish. But hey, it took 9 months to put on the weight, it’ll take at least 9 months to take it off, right?! It definitely took longer than that after Ryan was born, haha.

I’ve got a bit of a belly… like a 4 month pregnant person? My shirts fit, but they definitely showcase the belly… my pants, on the other hand, don’t fit AT ALL. After Ryan was born, I had no problem getting on my pre-pregnancy jeans. Sure, they didn’t button, but at least they went on. Now? I can’t get them past my thighs!!! Seriously, they aren’t coming over these hips for a while. So I’ve worn nothing but yoga pants the past month (okay, I wore my maternity jeans once, but I hate them–they don’t stay up). I need some good transition pants… although it’s almost summer and I’ll be living in dresses so that helps.

I’ve never been one to really work out. I ran track and played tennis in high school andddd that was about it, haha. I did take a hardcore ROTC workout class in college–exercised with the army group–and loved it, but the only exercise I’ve had since is chasing around my toddler! I’m glad the weather is getting nicer… my plan is lots of walks/runs with the kids and back to as many sit-ups as I can handle.

Photo taken when I found out I was pregnant (THESE are my favorite jeans – that were loose when I got pregnant and now won’t move past my thighs lol):

Mighty thunderstorm hits town: The microburst, which hit a concentrated area near Expo Square early Tuesday, had winds of up to 85 mph.

Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) June 7, 2006 Byline: Nicole Marshall Jun. 7–A microburst thunderstorm with Category 1 hurricane wind speeds assailed Expo Square and neighborhoods near the fairgrounds Tuesday, ripping roofs off two churches and smashing large trees into homes as residents slept.

The most serious damage occurred when winds up to 85 mph whipped through the area between 11th and 21st streets from Yale Avenue west to the Broken Arrow Expressway about 5:35 a.m.

Many people said they heard the storm but had no clue about its gravity until they looked out their windows. in our site category 1 hurricane

Heather Gaines, who lives near 17th Street and Knoxville Avenue, falls into that category.

“I woke my husband up, and I said, ‘Do you think this is a tornado?’ and he said, ‘No, no. It’s fine. Go back to sleep,’ ” Gaines said.

The Gaines’ electricity was out, and she said she looked out the window when she got up to get ready for work.

“The street was completely blocked off from debris,” she said. “It looked like a war zone over here.” Ambulances took four people with minor injuries from the storm to hospitals. Among those injured were a firefighter who suffered heat exhaustion while cleaning up damage and two people who were cut and scraped by debris.

A car crash on U.S. 169 during the storm caused the fourth injury, Fire Capt. Larry Bowles said.

EMSA ambulance service medics treated another man near 16th Street and Harvard Avenue, but he did not require transportation to a hospital.

Clint Taylor said his wife, Georgialene Taylor, was lucky to escape with just a small cut to her head when a giant cottonwood tree fell on the bedroom of their home in the 1700 block of South Knoxville Avenue.

“I just heard a real loud noise, and I kinda woke up,” he said. “By the time I woke up and sat up in the bed, it all happened. I could not see anything. It was dark because the ceiling fell down.” Then he realized that his wife’s head was bleeding badly. She was taken to a hospital, where she received stitches to the top of her head and was released by midmorning.

“It was not as bad as we thought. She is doing fine now,” Taylor said.

The home, where they have lived for 30 years, likely was structurally damaged by the impact, he added.

“We got out alive, but it was a horrible feeling,” Taylor said.

A University of Tulsa student was treated at an emergency room for a minor cut suffered when a tree came through a window, said Kevan Buck, TU’s vice president for business and finance.

He said the storm tore down a couple of trees and many more branches on the university campus. It also tore off part of an apartment building’s roof, but it was “nothing really significant,” he said.

Steve Piltz, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Tulsa, said winds reached about 80 to 85 mph during the storm.

“Essentially, that very small part of Tulsa experienced a Category 1 hurricane for five to 10 minutes this morning,” Piltz said.

The microburst dissipated quickly, although gusty winds were still evident as the storm moved into Broken Arrow.

“The storm itself was very nondescript,” Piltz said. “It intensified rapidly over downtown Tulsa, and as quickly as it intensified, it then collapsed, and that is what triggered the downburst.” The Tulsa Emergency Operations Center was activated at 7:35 a.m., and officials established a hot line, 596-7822, for people to call if they had urgent medical needs, needed a tarp to cover holes in their roofs or had other storm-related problems. here category 1 hurricane

Authorities estimated that it could take 24 to 36 hours for power to be re-established to most homes and businesses. Residents in the area were encouraged to stay in their homes because the large number of downed lines posed a severe danger.

“Power lines are on the ground, and they are not designed to be on the ground,” said Preston Kissman, AEP-PSO vice-president of operations. “They are designed to be up in the air. Until they are back up there, you can consider them to be dangerous.” Kissman added that although AEP-PSO workers shut off power to the lines, that doesn’t mean that they won’t become live again.

The downburst knocked over power poles near 17th Street and Harvard Avenue, causing a major source of the outage. Large primary power lines attached to the poles spanned Harvard like perilous metal cobwebs.

Just west of the tangle, two churches suffered heavy roof damage in the microburst.

The storm gave a Tulsa World Circulation Department employee a close call.

Richard Carver, an assistant district manager, was headed south on Harvard Avenue near 15th Street, checking on newspaper carriers in the area, when the rain began around 5:30 a.m.

It rained so hard that he couldn’t see past the windshield of his white 1986 Ford half-ton pickup, Carver said.

While he was looking for shelter from the storm, he heard a boom and saw a utility pole topple directly in front of his truck, he said. Energized power lines then landed on his truck, lighting it up “like a Christmas tree.” “I’ll be real honest with you,” Carver said. “I thought I was a goner.” One power line began burning a hole through the cab of his truck — about 18 inches from his head, and he could smell metal and paint burning. Then he remembered his safety training from a previous job.

“So I said, ‘Don’t touch nothing metal,’ you know?” Firefighters and other emergency workers began streaming into the area, but Carver couldn’t leave his truck. He was trapped for about an hour and a half, he said.

Crews moved from location to location helping others after telling Carver to stay in his truck, he said. They later removed the line from his truck and told him it was safe to get out.

Two churches in the area were significantly damaged.

Jimmy Ray, pastor of Beams of Light Church, 1704 S. Harvard Ave., learned of the damage to his church building while watching the morning news.

“I heard that they had some damage down here, but I didn’t think a whole lot about it. I was just barely listening, . . . but then they mentioned that the roof had been lifted at Beams of Light Church,” Ray said.

He estimated that a 15-by-40-foot section of the roof had blown off. A firefighter who was hoisted by a crane helped position a tarp over the hole in the church building, which was built in 1944.

Ray said he was thankful that more damage wasn’t done, thankful that his congregants who live in the area were safe and thankful for all those who have offered to help.

Harvard Avenue Baptist Church, 3235 E. 17th St., was also being flooded with offers of help Tuesday morning. Loretta Shideler, the church’s minister of education, said she had received hundreds of calls from congregants who had heard of the damage to the church.

“They want to come help,” she said. “People want to help, but there is nothing that you can do yet.” Shideler received a call about 6 a.m. notifying her that the roof on the north side of the building had suffered substantial damage.

“I just could not believe my eyes, really, because I didn’t expect this. I expected damage — but not this. It is a little overwhelming,” Shideler said.

“But it is OK. It is OK. This is a building. The church is the people.” ———— World staff writers Matt Elliott and April Marciszewski contributed to this story.

———— Nicole Marshall 581-8459 Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News.

14 comments to body after baby: one month postpartum

  • I think you look great and are doing wonderfully for having a newborn and a toddler!!


    babydickey Reply:

    thank you!


  • Kimberly

    You look great! I love yoga pants as transitional pants because they make it look like you either have been working out or are about to.


    babydickey Reply:

    haha, good point! :)


  • Rosey

    You look fantabulous!


    babydickey Reply:

    Aw. thank you!


  • gina

    You look amazing! I wish I looked that great now, never mind one month after my baby. I didnt have a big problem getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I gained about 25-30lbs but I wasnt at all thin when I got pregnant, so getting back to it wasnt really challenging. In general I need to lose about 30 additional pounds, dont know how I am going to that :)


    babydickey Reply:

    It’s tough! My husband is working on losing weight right now too so we’re kind of doing it together. He’s eating Nutrisystem, but we really need to work on getting active! Good luck, mama! I’m sure you look great :)


  • I don’t think that your current belly makes you look pregnant :) Maybe in your eyes for your previous 107lb body it looks like you’re 4 months pregnant – but to the regular person it looks very normal. I’d give just about anything to have that look :D

    I do the opposite. I lose weight when I’m pregnant and then gain it again when I’m done. So I get down 30+lbs (although my starting is 200lbs, so it’s not THAT shocking) and then within 3-4 months after having baby I’m back up. Even with watching my diet after pregnancy.

    Looks like you’re doing great though :) After a few months of BFing and even a few months more when you’re chasing two babies around the house – you’ll be back to your ‘normal’!


    babydickey Reply:

    Thanks :) Yea I know my belly isn’t that big, but you’re right–it’s just different from what I’m used to–which means my clothes don’t fit either lol.


  • Danielle Hicks

    Oh how I can totally relate. When I found out I was pregnant with my son I was 105lbs, at 28 weeks I was roughly 125lbs and went into labor 3 months early….needless to say I lost all my baby weight and got my body back after a month. Then I found out I was pregnant again when he was 5 months old, so after a full term pregnancy I was up to 153lbs at delivery, and with 2 under 2 years old I am having a heck of a time trying to lose this weight, finally had to give in and buy new jeans, size 13 YIKES, I have always been a size 0 to size 5….ugh! 13…that number haunts me in my sleep! Anyways, I try to do what I can to get out, but we live in apartments and have a flight of stairs to go though, and with a 5 month old and a 19 month old that isn’t the best walker yet it makes it tough. :) Good luck, I miss my favorite jeans too, although they were from when I was 105lbs so I don’t think I’ll be wearing those ever again!


    babydickey Reply:

    I wouldn’t say never! It took me a loooong time to get down to 107 after Ryan was born. Actually, I started at about ~117 when I got pregnant with him so I ended up losing even more. It was definitely after a year, although I can’t remember when exactly. You’re only 5 months out! I was always a size 0-5, too and was wearing at least size 8 after Ryan was born. Now I’m just sticking to the yoga pants since I’m not working. We’ll get there!


  • Maureen M

    You look great! Good for you! I hope to lose all this baby weight….but it took me over a year with my first baby….I expect the same this time! I plan to just enjoy the baby first….worry about me later! :)


  • Heather

    Looking good. I’m a little worried about what my body is going to look like after baby. But I’m encouraged by the sight of you!


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