full-time mom, full-time writer, full-time stressed.

WOW where is this summer going?! I used to be able to get so much done during the day… not just around the house, but also on the blogs… but now? I’m so.behind. And I don’t think it’s the addition of kid #2, I think it’s Ryan’s age. He has to be constantly entertained and kept occupied. Or else. You don’t want to know. lol.

It’s my goal to get out of the house every day. I really try to make plans and we do keep busy. We have season passes to a nearby waterpark, year-long passes to the children’s museum, we go to parks, set up play dates, swim at my mom’s, etc. Most of our plans happen in Rockford, which is 45 minutes from our house. That means when we go, we’re gone ALL DAY.

And what happens when I’m gone all day, every day? Well, nothing happens. Nothin’ at home and nothin’ on the blogs, that’s for sure.

And it’s starting to stress me out.

Steve is amazing (as always) with helping out when he gets home from work. He takes the kids and he cleans the house, does laundry and dishes, etc. So sometimes I have time at night to work online, but by that point, my entire evening is spent just going through the emails I’ve received that day (mainly blog/work related) and by the time I’m done, I’m ready for bed (and it’s still way too late for me to be up), and nothing else has gotten done.

Recently I signed up for Zumba… it’s Tuesday and Thursday nights… I also signed up for a Mommy & Me Zumba to do with Ryan and that’s on Wednesday nights. So those nights I used to use for working? Three of them are now gone. And I’ve already missed two Zumba classes because I was too stressed and had to stay home and work to meet deadlines.

I have a to-do list a mile long… and I’m not really sure what to do about it.

So if you’ve been wondering where I am…. I’m off being a mom to two kids! It is fun, I feel like I’m on vacation, and I love that I am lucky enough to be at home with the kids this summer (I go back to work PT this fall). But I need to find a middle ground because I HAVE to be able to get my work done, too. And I have to be a bit less stressed – it doesn’t end well for the kids or my husband when I feel like pulling my hair out.

Phew, I feel better already just explaining to my readers where I’ve been (and where I’ll be). But Ryan is starting a daycare soon, so I’m hoping I’m able to get some work done then. He’ll only go one half-day a week, just because we want him to socialize with other kids, but it’ll be helpful for me, too (I hope, lol. Little Miss Rebecca will still be at home with me).

It’s hard when you work from home and your home includes two tiny children that don’t give you a break! Mama needs office hours! I don’t know how all you other mamas do it!!! Huge props to you all. <3

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