Mom of the Year award

Oh boy, people. I totally won the MOM OF THE YEAR award today. Because that does exist, to be awarded by the powers that be to only the most worthy. And I am clearly sooooo worthy (just ask my kids! ha. ha.).

Ryan is starting an in-home daycare soon, just one day a week to socialize with other kids and to hopefully allow me some time to work from home. Anyway, we were there today dropping off some paperwork…

When we left, I was getting Rebecca into her car seat while Ryan climbed in through the front. He calls it the “easy way” to his seat, lol.

Then I went to buckle Ryan in his seat and I shut the door.

I was locked out.

Ryan must have hit the auto lock button while climbing through–little stinker–and all 4 doors were locked. After the utter disbelief at my situation, I had a brief moment of total panic… I mean, it’s 100 degrees out today, I’m on the side of the road miles from home, no spare key, and my two children (one just a 4 month old baby) are locked inside.

But thank the heavens my car was on with the AC blasting and both children were strapped safely in their car seats!!! and Rebecca was drifting off to sleep, so no screaming either.

So here’s me… on the side of the road… trying to yell through the window to Ryan. “Unlock the door!!! See that knob? Right there. No, over a little more… yea, right there! Push it! Yea, push it! Come on, Ryan, you can do it! Okay, try again! Ohhh, so close, try again, baby!” as people are driving by and out walking their dogs (who does that in 100 degree humid heat?!).

Ryan can’t quite reach the lock so I start to tell him to unbuckle himself–great lesson, right? Just let yourself out of your carseat, kid! But he just stared at me. And IĀ know he could get that buckle off if he wanted to, lol.

Dripping sweat and getting a bit nervous, I run back to the daycare lady’s house. I tell her, a bit breathlessly and probably a bit too panicky, what happened. She smiled (and maybe laughed at me a little? lol) and suggested she call the local police to come open my car. PHEW, okay!

I ran back to my car, pulled on Ryan’s car door, and….. it opened! HALLELUJAH! He was still completely buckled in his seat so he must have just tried a little harder while I was gone, reached the door lock, and pushed it open! He was sitting as calm as could be and said “I opened it for you!” while I kissed him allllllllllllll over. Then I ran back to the house and told the very nice lady “nevermind!” and mumbled something about being completely embarrassed.

On the drive home, Ryan and I had a nice talk about locking and unlocking car doors and what’s appropriate and what is not. FYI, locking mommy outside is NOT.

So. I’ll take my Mom of the Year award anytime now. Kthanks. and someone PLEASE tell me that this has happened to you??? I’d be willing to share my award.





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  • oh oh pick me to share it with! šŸ˜‰ BTDT šŸ˜€


  • Lindsay N

    I would have pissed myself from sheer panic! I guess you can consider it a “lesson learned” for Ryan and yourself (he learned how to unlock the doors, in case of emergency; and you learned to check that they’re unlocked before you shut them w/the kiddos inside!) I’m glad everything worked itself out for you! I’m lucky that my car has keyless entry on the drivers side door, and a remote start, so I can cool it down (or heat it up, depending on the time of year) w/o putting the key in the ignition. Whew!


  • Melissa

    I have to admit I have done it with 3 kids and the car not running. I wanted to cry but stayed strong for the kids and sang songs with them threw the windows with the actions. They were great. The police and hubby showed up at the same time to help.


  • cj

    last week i came downstairs to my husband knocking and ringing the doorbell FRANTICALLY… he went outside to take the trash out and apparently our 1 year old can now reach the lock on the front door!


  • stephanie

    I have locked myself out, luckly at home with cell phone in hand, a few times. I have auto start on my truck and as I’m loading or unloading things, I accidently would push the door locks that is next to the arm rest. I use the arm rest on the door to get me in and out of the lifted truck easier as stepping on and off of our electronic side steps. I call Onstar, who we have membership with, who will unlock my truck after I provide security ID info. I can also call AAA, who I have membership for key entry too if need be. But keyless entry from Onstar is awesome. Have you thought of installing Onstar? Another thing I am in habit of doing now is rolling down the window enough I can fit my hand thru or a device to unlock anytime I open my door to put my daughter in. I also auto start it to allow AC or Heat to start, keeping keys with me most of the time as with the AC, it gets a lot colder quicker with keys in ignition.


  • One of my children tried to DRIVE my car once! I had put them all in, started it up, realized I didn’t have my purse, ran back inside ( I was parked RIGHT outside the front door and my purse was JUST inside the door) in that amount of time my then 4 yr old climbed over the seat, somehow got it into reverse and backed into my friend who we weren’t expecting and had just pulled in behind us,… if she hadn’t he would of driven backwards right into our flooding creek! Totally a God thing!! I have never left the car running without me in it since then! šŸ™‚


  • I locked Ethan in the car when he was an infant. Not running, in Georgia. Had to wait for the police… it was scary!


  • Sure hung ive been there done that its rather embarrassing and nerve wrecking


  • Rosey

    Super glad everyone’s ok and you had a happy ending.
    I don’t have a similar car story, but I have four kids…25 being the oldest, and 4 being the youngest, so I do have some doozies under my belt. šŸ™‚


  • Lisa

    Oh my gosh, my first is on the way and I’m terrified something like this is going to happen. I think it’ inevitable when moms are so busy!


  • This is my biggest fear when I’m running errands by myself with the baby. She’s only one so there’s no way she’d be able to unlock the doors for me. I’m glad things ended well and the only harm was some embarrassment.


  • Something very similar happened to my good friend during a Las Vegas summer (think dry heat but 110+ degrees) inside her own garage while her son was about 6 months old. The car was off, but a window was cracked. She panicked but luckily her husband worked close to home so he was able to race back and use their other set of keys. *HUGS* You are Mom of the Year, in a great way šŸ™‚


  • Proudmom1123

    I also made this mistake with my daughter once, I also had a few friends who got locked out of the car when they were in Old Navy and Costco. I also had a really hard day today, my little one woke up screaming at 2 am due to the act that his right leg got caught in the slits of his crib rails. I never put on crib bumpers on due to the fact that I read they would put my child at risk for SIDS. I went ahead and ordered a product called Wonder Bumpers if anybody is interested. In my opinion they seemed to be the safest on the market because they are pads that zip on the crib rail and leave no risk for danger. Hopefully they will ship fast so I won’t have another incident.


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