Carrying my diapers in style with JJ Cole! {giveaway}

When I was preggo with Ryan, I wanted to pick out the best and the cutest diaper bag ever. It never happened. “Cute diaper bag” was like an oxymoron… they were plasticy, they were ugly, they were bulky, and they screamed DIAPERS AND BABY POOP IN HERE! Meaning I would never use it again, as just a bag or purse.

We ended up with a more manly version of a bag so that Steve would carry it when we were out.

And then I was introduced to the diaper bags from JJ Cole. Finally! After my second baby! They have a lot of really cute designs that are stylish and I would absolutely use them as a purse or laptop/work bag, etc.

That’s all their styles and then each one has different prints and colors to choose from. I had a really hard time picking one because I love them all! The Norah and Myla bags are super cute, but I ended up going with the Satchel. I just thought it was a classic look and I loved it!

Beautiful, right? Classy and clean and cute. I adore it! It’s the “charcoal trellis” print. It is filled with pockets all over the place, which  makes it a super handy diaper bag. But it also looks enough like a normal bag that I use it for my laptop and as work bag (ya know, those few times I actually get out sans kids!)

It’s certainly large enough for everything I need–even with TWO kids AND both in cloth diapers. In the top right photo below, I have 3 cloth diapers, a change of clothes for each kid, cloth wipes, and my purse/phone in an outside pocket… and there is still SO much space! Half the pockets are unused, the main compartment of the bag is only ~half full…. it’s awesome.

There are 7 exterior pockets (2 on each side, 2 zippered ones on the front, and 3 on the back) and 4 interior pockets. It comes with a matching changing pad and removable padded shoulder straps. And super cool?! It comes with “grips” stroller attachments! As you can see in the image below (from JJ Cole), the grips attach your bag to your stroller for easy access.

This bag is 17″ wide x 13″ high x 6″ deep. I always like to see what a bag looks like while someone is holding it so I can get a better feel for its true size and how it hangs. Sooo… here it is:

To me, it’s the perfect size. It fits everything I need (and then some!), but isn’t too large to hold. The bag is definitely of high quality and I know it will last a long time–much past the diaper ages of my children–so I’m excited to be able to use it for me, too, and have it not scream POOPY DIAPERS as people walk by 😉

Want one??? You can check out all the JJ Cole diaper bags or get this one for $69.95 (the faux leather version of it is $89.95).

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader will win their own Satchel diaper bag from JJ Cole! Please use the form below to enter (none of them are mandatory so do as many or as few as you’d like)! Good luck!

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