My own little back seat driver

Ryan needs his own steering wheel. Any suggestions on toys like that for the car? I think my 2.5 year old son might now the rules of the road better than I do.

We drive up to Rockford frequently since we moved 45 minutes south… so we spend a lot of time in the car. Ryan used to read books, play on his “computer,” or play games on our iPad. Now?? None of those things interest him. HisĀ favorite thing to do is tell me how to drive.

He’s my own little back seat driver. Heard from the Dickey car:

Mom, did you stop behind that truck? (Yes, Ryan, I did.) Mom, did you stop? Did you see that stop sign and did you stop? (Yes, Ryan, I did.) Mom, did we just stop? (YES RYAN WE DID.)

RED! The light is red, mom. Red means stop.

GREEN! The light is greeeeeeen, that means go!

Oh, there’s a green arrow, mom, you can turn! Or are we going straight?

Mom, are you going to turn on red? You can turn right on red. Oh, we’re going straight? Then you can’t go yet.

Grandma’s house is that way, to the left. Can you turn left?

We can’t turn left on red. No. Only right on red. But there’s a green arrow, so you can turn left now! Green means gooooooooo!

Rebecca, here comes a bump in the road! Don’t get scared, it’s just a bump!


Hey, as soon as this kid turns 16 he’ll be good to go. And he can start driving this mom around town. And *I’ll* be the back seat driver (“slow down! Ryan, slow down! RED MEANS STOP!”)


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