Ryan and Rebecca: twins?!

I got really behind with BlogHer and everything at the start of August and never wrote Rebecca’s 5 month post–I’m terrible!!! She’s 6 months old now and I have those pics and post coming up… but before that…

I saved one of my favorite outfits of Ryan’s and decided to put it on Rebecca… what do ya know, same age & same size. They were both 5 months old and wearing this size 12 month outfit (it runs really small):

Twins, or what?!?! Pretty close. I thought Rebecca was chunky, but I

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(Re)Decorating the family room

When we moved to our new house, we didn’t have much for decor or furniture. The house we lived in previously was already furnished so we didn’t need our own stuff…

We’ve slowly been decorating and acquiring new things to dress up the house, make it more cozy, and make it more stylish. I usually work on my laptop in the family room so I am especially focusing on that room right now. We got a nice big, comfy couch and some nice mood lighting… now for more decor!

The walls are a dark

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EASY Oreo Cream Cheese Truffles

These things are like heaven. In my mouth. I’m drooling just looking at my pictures. I first encountered these when I was in graduate school (WHERE had they been all my life?!) when a fellow grad student brought them in for a department party.

Omggggggggoodness, I demanded to know the recipe. And ya know what? These are SO EASY to make that she didn’t even want to tell me, haha. Besides tasting amazing, they look fancy–your party guests will think you slaved over them 🙂

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The Ultimate “Push Present!” (Juno Lucina diamond pendant giveaway)

I had never heard of a “push present” until I was pregnant with Ryan. The tradition has been around for ages–a gift given by the father of the baby to the mother to mark the occasion of having a baby. I know what some of you are thinking–isn’t the baby the gift?! Well of course!!! The push present is not meant to take away from the baby… it’s more of a gift to the mom for her carrying a child for 9+ months and giving birth. Just a little something nice for the dad

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How important is dependability to you? #MaytagMoms

It seems like any time I fill out some sort of shopping or product survey, that question is always there. How important is dependability to you? Or how does dependability rank among other product and brand qualities?

To me, it’s pretty high up there. I mean, if I’m going to spend the money on a quality product or on something I love, it better last! It better get the job done and it better do it well.

When I hear the word “Maytag,” I think of the Maytag Man! Who doesn’t?! And that man

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wordless wednesday: my sacrifice

In honor of the SAHM post I just wrote last night, I found this and thought it was perfect <3

my schedule as a stay-at-home-mom

I’m a list maker. I love notepads… and pens… and LISTS. Now, that might make you think I’m organized… but I’m not. I’m a fake. I think sometimes I just get overwhelmed by certain tasks (like cleaning the house, planning a party, writing blog posts, etc.) and writing it out on paper makes it way more manageable. Ya know, in that moment, because like I said – I’m still not organized. I’ll write the same list 10 times because I lost it the first 9 times or I never actually accomplished everything on the

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