It has been half a year… that’s almost like… 5 years!

SIX MONTHS OLD! I can’t even believe it. When I hear that, I think… well omgoodness that’s almost a year! And a year is almost 2.5 like Ryan! And THAT’S almost like 5 years old! AHHH!!! I think moms often overreact like that, it can’t be just me!

six months old

Dear baby girl,

You are getting so big! Everyone that sees you says the same thing–how have 6 months gone by already? You’re an absolute sweetheart and you are always smiling. It’s so easy for me (and anyone else around you) to be instantly happier just by looking at your big blue eyes and happy face.

6 months old

You’re a little chunky monkey and I love it! Your cheeks are adorable and I love all your baby rolls. I know once you start moving (soon!), you’ll thin out a little bit like Ryan did so I’m enjoying your pinchable thighs now! Oh and that little tongue of yours is always sticking out… when you smile, when you giggle, when you’re really concentrating on a toy… too cute!

6 months old

If anyone can get you to smile in an instant, it’s your big brother. You absolutely adore him. He catches your eye the moment he walks into the room and your gaze follows him around. If he looks at you, you get all shy and smiley. If he talks to you, you coo and giggle. He adores you, too. He loves to read you books and teach you new things. Oh and recently he has started to introduce you to people! He says, “This is Rebecca! She is 4 months!” Haha… we try to update him with your age, but I suppose it changes so often he loses count 😉

brother and sister

brother and sister kiss

You are so curious about everything around you! You LOVE tummy time and will play on your belly forever. You just kick those feet and reach for toys with your hands. You  do move across the room by spinning on your belly, rolling over (and over and over), and doing kind of a belly flop move to slowly inch forward. During this 6-month photo session, I could hardly get you to look up! The grass and the trees were MUCH more interesting and eventually, I lost your attention completely:

exploring the grass

So, the grass won. I decided to let you explore! You can kind of sit up now as of very recently–just at or just after your 6 month birthday (August 26th). You sit tripod style, leaning forward on your hands. But you still tip over to the side and end up on your belly pretty often, you aren’t at all stable yet. You’ve only fallen forward and landed on your face once 😉

6 months old

I’m pretty sure this was your first time ever being in the grass and you liked exploring and feeling and, of course, trying to eat it, haha. You love putting things you find in your mouth, which  means we better step up our babyproofing game! Ryan wasn’t like that. He moved early and liked to explore, but he wasn’t crazy about putting everything in his mouth like you are! The other day you “ate” one of Ryan’s books and he wasn’t too happy!

6 month old baby

6 month baby girl

I shouldn’t put this in here yet because it happened after your 6-month birthday, but it’s just too exciting! Just in the past few days (so 6 months + 1 week old) you’ve started getting up on your knees! And by today, it’s easy for you. If I put you on your belly, you’re up on your hands and knees in a second! AHH! You’re starting to rock back and forth and do pretty well, but eventually fall back to your stomach. I swear, you’ll be crawling in a matter of DAYS. Our little baby girl… 6 months old… crawling?! You can’t even sit properly yet!!! Ryan walked pretty early and I remember when he started crawling, but he didn’t seem to go through this phase–that’s how it was with him. If he’s going to do something, he waits till he can do it right and he just DOES IT. One day, he was just crawling! Not a lot of the practice and rocking back and forth. And then he moved quickly to walking. I’m guessing we’ll have a crawling monster on our hands with you, little miss.

brother and sister outside

I love you two together.

You’re in size 9 month clothing and sometimes we have to go up a size if the outfit is a 1-piece that buttons between your legs–because you’re so tall! You’re in the 95th percentile. We go to the doctor for a check-up on Wednesday so I’ll have some new stats then, but I’m guessing you’re about 18 pounds.

Still no teeth. Still no food, just breastmilk. Just starting in size 2 shoes (itty bitty feet!). Some hair is starting to grow in. Eyes are still a beautiful blue. Your cry is starting to get the “M” sound to it (as if you want to say mama). You can pick up your paci and put it in your mouth. Your favorite things to do are play on your belly, be pushed in a stroller by Ryan, or be held/worn by mom or dad. You love mirrors and anything you can put in your mouth! We’re still co-sleeping and NO, you are not sleeping through the night yet 😉

2.5 year old toddler

And my baby boy. He’s my sweetheart, my smarty pants, and my goofball. “No, mom, I’m just a RYAN!” I love him and our daily conversations… “so, mom, how was your day today?” or “what did you do today, mom?” He gives the best hugs and kisses and is the best helper ever. He’s my buddy. We’re already planning his THIRD birthday party! AH!

We love you both to the moon and back (to your firetruck) 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times,
<3 Mommy and Daddy

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