Jogging with TWO (Kelty Speedster Swivel-Deuce giveaway)

Last year, I reviewed the totally awesome FC 3.0 Child Carrier from Kelty. I’m a big fan of being outside and love doing outdoorsy things like camping with my family! So Kelty is one of my favorites… they have all kinds of tents, sleeping bags, chairs, and camping accessories. Recently I received their double jogging stroller–the Speedster Swivel-Deuce! Rebecca is big enough now to sit in the stroller seat and omgosh – her and Ryan LOVE sitting next to each other, it’s the cutest thing ever. I love them. And the stroller πŸ™‚

I wasn’t sure how I’d like the kids side-by-side, but the stroller is really manageable and the kids love it. Well, I should say Ryan loves it–Rebecca (at 6 months old) is pretty indifferent, haha. Each side reclines independently so I can lay Rebecca back and Ryan likes to sit up.

In the photos above, you can see:

~handy large pockets on the back of each seat plus holders for water bottles
~front wheel that swivels or locks in place for jogging
~safety strap or “runaway leash”
~bell to alert others while you’re running (Ryan LOVES to play with this!)
~HUGE storage basket underneath (currently holding one of Ryan’s toys, haha)
~window (with velcro cover) on the sun/rain hood
~rear wheel foot brake (there’s one on each side)

There are a couple features about this stroller that I absolutely love. First, the independently reclining seat–it’s a must! Also the massive sun/rain hood! It’s adjustable so you can move it anywhere you want (not even at specific positions) and it goes down really far.

double jogging stroller

I also love the adjustable and padded handle. It moves up and down to adjust for height–otherwise jogging could be so uncomfortable and it works for both my husband and me. And can’t fail to mention that Ryan loves to push the stroller around when the handle is at its lowest position, haha.

In the photos below, I wanted to show the stroller size, design, and wonderfully large size of the sun/rain hood. In the top photo below, you can see the footrest area for your kids… Ryan loves it. Such a simple feature, but it’s really nice. You can also see the 5-point harness. (Rebecca was napping at the time and I guess Ryan should have been–don’t mind his grumpy face, haha.)

double jogging stroller

You can also see the reflective accents on this (pretty) blue/gray stroller. The stroller itself is aluminum and is pretty light weight for a double (26 lb). It holds up to 100 lb. When I have the front wheel locked in place for jogging, I have no problem just tipping the stroller on Β the back wheels with both kids in it to turn a corner.

The folding is kind of a process, but I figure that’s just because it’s a side-by-side double… it’s big. And the mechanisms keep the stroller safe. There are sliding locks and clips on each side–it may be a slight process, but it’s also easy. It is bulky when folded, but that’s expected with a double.

I want to note that the tires on this stroller did arrive flat and there was not a small pump included to inflate them. We don’t have our own, so that can be kind of a hassle and disappointment if you don’t have one either.

This video is for the single jogging stroller, but this double is the same. Except… ya know… a double πŸ˜‰

GIVEAWAY: one lucky reader is going to win their own $499.95 Kelty Speedster Swivel-Deuce! Please use the form below to enter–good luck!

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