Improving Birth’s National Rally for Change

On Monday, September 3rd, 2012–Labor Day–Improving Birth hosted a nationwide Rally for Change. The goal? To raise awareness about the unnecessarily high cesarean and induction rates, promote informed consent and birth options, and rally for evidence based care. Birth matters, birth is safe, and we can do better.

The rallies were held in every state, in over 100 cities, with nearly 10,000 total people in attendance. Our rally itself had about 80 people. There were several in IL, which is wonderful–our state is in desperate need of change and awareness. The rallies went from 10am to 12pm and many were covered by local news stations (here is our coverage).

You can find more information at Improving Birth and mark your calendars for the rally next year!!! This first year was a great success and I can’t wait until next year! Most rally locations made a facebook page, so you can search for one near you.

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