Rebecca’s moving to the crib… maybe

We’re a co-sleeping family. I don’t remember exactly when we moved Ryan out of our bed, but he was definitely over a year and it was because he just started moving (and kicking) too much that I felt neither of us were getting quality sleep. We remedied the fact that he would NOT sleep through the night in his crib by moving his crib into our room, at the foot of our bed. When he woke up, he could see us and we could talk to him–but we didn’t have to get out of bed. Perfect. In just a few nights, he was sleeping through the night. Eventually the crib moved back to his own room. Now he’s in a twin (BIG BOY!) bed and only occasionally wakes us up in the middle of the night.

We’re hoping the process doesn’t take as long with Rebecca. We don’t really want another 1.5 year old that isn’t sleeping through the night.

gray and pink nursery

Rebecca is almost 7 months old and I think we’re going to move her to her crib. She has been very independent from day one. I mean, she nurses (super efficiently, I might add) and then literally pushes me away. In bed at night, she fusses until I actually move away from her. Girl needs her space!

So I’m hoping that means she’ll do well in her own bed, too. It’s in her room at the moment and we’ll try it out there first. Hopefully we don’t need to move it to our room, but we will if we need to. Any other tips???? She is still nursing during the night a couple times, but at this point I think that’s just habit because she knows I’m there. Would love to hear your stories of sleep transitions!

And speaking of cribs… can I get a hand in the air for each of you that HATES changing crib sheets?! GAH! It’s one of my most dreaded chores. Why? Because those mattresses are dang heavy. And they fit so snug against the crib, there’s no way to get a sheet on unless you pick the stinkin’ mattress up. (Can you tell I’m annoyed?) By the end of the ordeal, I’m sweating and cursing under my breath.

But not anymore. (Did that sound all infomercial-like? I tried.)

No, seriously. Did you know there is a 7-pound crib mattress? SEVEN! Where was Lullaby Earth when Ryan was a baby?! Oh, AND it has all the other features that are musts:

lightweight crib mattress

So light a toddler can hold it.

~no harmful chemicals or allergens (Greenguard Select certification)
~waterproof, even on the edges (it even meets food contact standards and can act as a dust mite & bed bug barrier)
~it’s recyclable!
~snug fit in the crib (meets the ASTM standards for crib mattresses)
~strong edge and side support
~made in the USA!
~2-stage dual firmness

Yea, that last point was new to me, too. What is dual firmness?? Just another awesome idea! One side of the mattress is flat and firm, which is recommended for newborns. The other side is a softer surface that’s great for growing toddlers.

firm lightweight crib mattress

Firm edges and sides

I was so excited when this mattress arrived that my toddler was clearly a little jealous that it was for his little sister and not for him! Ooops. But that lucky kid got a new big boy bedroom set instead! So it’s all good 😉

lullaby earth mattress

He had to try out his sister’s new mattress before I could even open it all the way!

Lucky Rebecca, her sheets will probably get changed a lot more often than I ever changed Ryan’s, haha. Just because I can handle this mattress! You mamas know what I’m talking about. I’m thrilled there is this alternative AND it’s a toxin-free, safe mattress made in the USA.

The Lullaby Earth 2-Stage mattress is affordable too, selling for $199. They also offer a mattress without the 2-stage dual firmness for $159. Check out their YouTube video of the mattress to see its features in action! Warning: cute baby overload!

GIVEAWAY: one super lucky mattress-sheet-changer is going to win their own Lullaby Earth 2-Stage Mattress! Please use the form below to enter. Good luck!

~disclosure: I was provided with product for my review from Lullaby Earth, but received no compensation and all opinions and photos are my own!

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