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When Ryan was about Rebecca’s age he loved using a walker to scoot around the kitchen. We never had an exersaucer or activity center for him though and I always wished we had. Both sets of grandparents had one at their house and Ryan loved sitting and playing in them…

So when I found the activity center from Kolcraft that is a 2-in-1, I was super excited. It’s basically an exersaucer and a walk-behind walker combined.

activity center

Adorable, right? They also have it in pink girly colors. You can see the wheels in the photo above that allow it to be the walk-behind walker once your child is old enough. Until then, it sits stationary in the base for play time!

The Kolcraft Baby Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center has plenty of toys and feature to keep your little one interested and having fun. The seat spins 360 degrees and the base rocks slightly. The activity ring is filled with things to develop motor skills and include lights and music:

activity center

Rebecca is 7 months old and really does use most features on this already. Her favorite is the spinning wheel, the mirror (of course!), and the little book with 2 flip pages. My toddler son likes to come over and “help” her play, haha… he pushes the buttons to make sounds and drops balls down the little slide. He’s also the one that discovered you can put balls in the holes of the legs!

activity center

The seat height is adjustable to grow with your child. You can start using it around 4 months of age, when your child can sit unassisted and support themselves with their legs. You can use it as the walk-behind walker around 9 months or when they your child is ready to walk! Rebecca is starting to try to pull herself up to stand so I’m afraid she’ll be an early walker, just like her brother!

You can also lock the base to keep it stationary with some simple push buttons labeled “rock” or “brake.” There’s a safety strap to be used in the activity center mode, too.


You can buy this awesome activity center that really grows with your child for $99.99… sold on and Make sure you find Kolcraft on facebook and twitter, too!

 activity center

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