DIY kids ghost shirt for Halloween

halloween ideas

Last year we made spider shirts for Halloween with Ryan’s handprints. He was so proud of that shirt and wanted to wear it all the time… it’s a little too small now so I wanted to make new ones. And now that we have child #2, I wanted her to make a shirt, too!

I couldn’t find plain orange shirts this year so I went with the black ones. Luckily they had Rebecca’s size, too (in the boys section). Hmm… what to put on a black shirt? You could do an orange pumpkin… a bat (in any color but black)… I decided to use FEET to make GHOSTS!

halloween ideas

I pre-washed the shirts and used white fabric paint on their feet to make the ghosts. Make sure you put something inside the shirt to keep the paint from going through (like a piece of cardboard).

Then I used orange puffy paint to write “Boo!” Ryan wanted me to keep writing… all over the shirt, lol… so we settled with adding his name and year to the bottom.

On Ryan’s shirt, I tried to add eyes and a mouth for the ghost using Ryan’s fingerprints. He wanted to use the orange paint and it didn’t work very well… you just couldn’t really see them… so I went back and added outlines with black puffy paint. On Rebecca’s shirt I just went straight to the black puffy paint to put on black dots for eyes and a big “O” for a mouth.

halloween ideas

I didn’t really get a great picture of the shirts… I should have just taken one of them hanging up, not on my children, so you could see… but I think you get the idea 😉 They’re adorable, Ryan is super proud of the creation, and they make for great pictures!

halloween ideas

And yes, Rebecca’s shirt has white fabric paint smeared up by the collar. That’s what happens when you try to put paint on a baby and attempt to do this craft alone. I underestimated her ability to grab her wet feet with her hands, fling her feet all over, and get white paint all over… including on my own black pants :/ Might be best to have someone else help you!

Happy Halloween!

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