halloween with the wizard of oz

I wasn’t sure how I would beat my homemade skeletons from last year… my preggo skeleton costume was a big hit and I worked hard on those babies.

This year, we were a family of FOUR! I wanted something creative and fun, but easy to make at home. We love the Wizard of Oz (clearly… two years ago we went as a Lion, a Tiger, and a Bear – OH MY!) and Ryan’s costume from his first Halloween in 2010 was a lion… time to recycle! 🙂

Ryan = scarecrow
Rebecca = lion
Steve = tin man
Me = wicked witch

Wait, what about Dorothy?! I was going to be her, but her costume was much more complicated. SO I took the lazy easy route and went with the witch… who doesn’t own all black clothes?!

homemade scarecrow costume

Ryan wore that hat I made for all of 3 seconds… just long enough for me to snap this photo and then it was gone. For good. 🙁 But ah, what can you expect from a toddler! By the way, for the hat I just bought 1/2 yard of brown felt material, cut a semi-circle to make a cone shape… then cut a ring to attach for the brim…. oh I had also made the tan-colored face mask, but he wouldn’t put that on AT ALL. It’s really thin and lightweight tan cloth… 1/2 yard… put over his head with a hole cut out for his face. It would have been cute 😉

His pants are tan cords from goodwill and that’s just a blue shirt of his. I found the straw set on Amazon–they just tie around his arms and legs. The one for his neck I used on his hat instead. I put some patches on his pants and on his hat… I was going to paint his nose brown and paint a red patch to match on his cheek…. but that never happened.

homemade lion costume

Our lion! I actually didn’t end up using any of Ryan’s old costume. I just dressed her in all brown (she had the pants and the shirt is from Walmart–found in the boy’s section). I made the tutu with 3 different colors of tulle/fabric (sparkly orange, gold, and light yellow). I painted her nose light brown and opted not to even try the lion mane over her head….

homemade lion costume

Steve was supposed to dress in all gray… but he had to work late and we said screw it, no biggie. He sported the tin man hat with an ax.

Me?? I was so busy planning and worrying about everyone else’s costumes that I forgot to make or order a witch’s hat. GAH! What else makes a witch?! At least I had all black clothes and a broom………

homemade wizard of oz costumes

We tried for a cute family photo, but Ryan wasn’t having it, haha. Don’t you love my story?? That nothing went as it was planned? That’s life! Especially with two kids, haha.

homemade scarecrow costume

That’s Ryan’s hat since he wouldn’t wear the scarecrow one I made… it’s actually one of MY hates, but it matched his patches so it worked pretty well! Except that one lady called him a girl…. lol. Sorry, Ryan.

halloween cookies

We had a fun day, too, making ghost cookies and pumpkin sugar cookies. Nom nom! Also – I just want to note – that I went to grab one of these ghost cookies today and I found every single one HALF EATEN. Yes, while I was in Chicago over the weekend, my husband ate the chocolate-dipped half of every cookie…. and then actually left behind the other halves. Nerd.

halloween cookies

making halloween cookies

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