Shop Small next Saturday!

I wrote a few days ago about shopping on Small Business Saturday and why I am choosing to participate on November 24th this year. So apart from my personal reasons and why I love small businesses, why is it so important that we all come together for this next weekend?

small business saturday

Small business owners are much more than our very own inspiring entrepreneurs… they create jobs for you and me. They drive small communities. They put money back into the towns where they live.

And by shopping and supporting those small businesses, we’re doing the same. We’re helping them to create more jobs. We’re helping them to be more successful and to put more back into our community. The money stays local and we all benefit.

You know what else small businesses do for us? They give us CHOICES. We get so many more options thanks to small businesses… if it weren’t for them we’d likely have a couple major corporations running the town–one grocery store instead of a yummy little bakery, a few coffee shops instead of that cozy mom & pop place, mass produced items instead of those adorable handmade boutique gifts, crummy customer service instead of someone that cares. Who doesn’t prefer a friendly and familiar face?

Even if you aren’t shopping local, but you’re still shopping small–like an internet shop or online boutique, an etsy store, or even a facebook page… you’re directly supporting that family. You’re encouraging these entrepreneurs to create something amazing and, again, keeping us all happy with more options.

Don’t want to lose those choices? SHOP SMALL! We try to all the time, of course, but especially on Small Business Saturday–it’s coming up quickly, next week on Nov. 24th! I’m already planning my shopping buddy and where we’ll go 😉 A whole day of shopping small around town?!

At what types of places do you especially like to shop small?

small business saturday

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for American Express. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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