There’s a monkey in our house!

cypher kids club

Ahhhh, there’s a monkey on our couch! And there was a dolphin swimming in our fireplace! And a wolf playing Ryan’s board games! And a giraffe kissing Rebecca!


Cypher Kids Club. One of the coolest toys for kids I’ve seen in awhile. Basics: you get a pack of cards, download a free app on your iPhone or iPad, hold the cards up to the camera, and ta-da! You get a 3D rotatable image on your screen. AND you see your own house, yard, bedroom, whatever! in the background.

And that’s how we got a lion on our kitchen table.

cypher kids club animals

One one side of the card you have the name and photo. If you turn the card over, there’s some info on the animal and a square–like a QR code. That’s what you hold up to your iPad/iPhone so it can scan it.

cypher kids club ipad game

I searched the app store for “Cypher” and easily found this free app, but there’s also a code on the packaging you can scan to be taken directly to it. When you’re ready to go, you can select two different ways to play… Exploration or Snapshots. Snapshots gives you the animal to move around and Exploration gives you the animal in its habitat with descriptions:

ipad games for kids

Ryan was fascinated. For awhile, he just stared at it, haha. Then he had to go through every animal and move it around our house. He will be 3 years old in a month and he easily got the idea of holding up the cards and moving the iPad around. However, a really cool feature is that you can rotate the CARD to make the animal move on the SCREEN. Ryan didn’t quite get that part, so I had to help, but I think that’s mostly because he has to hold the iPad up with two hands…. making it hard for him to also hold the card.

But the good news is that the image stays on the screen even when you take the card away… so Ryan can get the animal up there… and then take off with the iPad and have fun.

cypher kids games

You can take photos directly on the app, too, to save those wonderful memories of a bird in your bathroom 😉

ipad games for kids

Rebecca got in on the fun, too–I mean, she’s totally looking directly at that giraffe, right?!

You can find the Cypher Kids Club cards at Target for $29.99–watch for Black Friday deals! My local Target had all 3 packs very easy to find in the accessories section of the iPad aisle in the Electronics area of the store. You can check out my whole path-to-purchase in my google+ story.

ipad accessories

I think Ryan would really like the numbers and letters, too, and I’m going to go back to Target and get them. At first I thought they wouldn’t be a good fit for him because he already knows all his numbers and letters, but he likes to practice counting and reading the words for the numbers, etc. The animal one is awesome and Ryan likes looking at them, but he’ll probably appreciate that one more when he’s a little older.

Make sure you find Cypher Kids Club on twitter and facebook!

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