Rebecca: 9 & 10 months

Yes, I’m super behind. Rebecca turned 9 months old on the day we closed on the sale of our home, closed on the purchase of our new home, and moved into our new house… it was a big day! Followed by lots and lots and lots of unpacking… and getting ready for the holidays… Then Rebecca turned 10 months old on the day after Christmas, AKA the day before Ryan turned three years old. I tell ya, there’s no rest around here! So, I’m cutting myself some slack on missing these posts and am trying to play catch up now.

I DID, however, take the monthly photos on time, so one point for mama.

 9 months old

Dear Rebecca,

Look how big you are! You fit on that chair, you’re actually sitting on it, and you look so tall! You’re now just over 10 months old and I absolutely cannot believe you’re almost ONE. I just ordered your birthday party invitations today… it’ll be here before we know it and it really seems like just yesterday that you were born.

Thanksgiving dress(Thanksgiving 2012)

Let’s see what’s new since the last post when you turned 8 months old…

You still love to wave, but you’ve moved past the princess wave and definitely have the whole wrist-flick movement down. It’s just adorable how proud of yourself you are… actually, there are a lot of new things (I like to call them “tricks”) that make you giddy. You can clap and all someone has to do is say “pat-a-cake” and you start wiggling in your seat with a giant smile. You raise your hands when we say, “how big are you?!” and you like to throw things and pull everything out of baskets.

9 months old

You’re standing now, which happened shortly after you turned 8 months. At about 10 months you started shuffling or walking along furniture… a few times we’ve seen you stand unassisted, but it seems like a fluke and you fall to the floor pretty quickly. I think it will still be quite some time before you’re walking!

Christmas baby

Oh my goodness, you LOVE food! You became interested and started eating around 9 months old. Actually, Thanksgiving dinner potatoes was one of your firsts. Now you regularly eat three meals a day and love all kinds of things. With baby led weaning, you went right to real foods and picking them up with your fingers… it’s so cute… until you decide you’re done and throw everything on the floor 😉

baby led weaning

You do have more teeth! There’s the two on bottom and just recently (~10+ months) you got some on top. But to the beat of your own drum, you got the top two lateral incisors before the two central ones! Haha, you look like a vampire! I can see the two middle ones close behind, but they aren’t quite through yet. You’re handling it really well!

You’re still nursing and I don’t think the food has slowed it down that much… except at night… you sleep about 10-11 hours in a row now! WHOOOOO! ((knock on wood)) It has been pretty consistent now. You sleep so well at night though that you’re down to one nap a day (most days). You go to bed usually by 7pm, wake up around 5am when I go in to nurse you, and you go back to sleep till around 8am. Not too bad, girl!!!

christmas tutu skirt

You’ve started to crawl up stairs and we’ve pulled out all the gates! The other day I helped show you how to go DOWN stairs or at least to approach an edge cautiously. You’re into everything so we’ve had to babyproof like we never had to with Ryan! Speaking of, you adore your big brother and follow him everywhere. You get so excited to see him and sometimes you just sit and stare and watch whatever he’s doing.

brother and sister

I’ll guess you weigh about 18 pounds and you’re still solidly in size 12 months clothes–I think they’ll still fit for awhile, too! Still itty feet in size 2 shoes and still blue eyes. Your hair is getting a little longer, but it’s still really thin so sometimes it’s wispy and you look crazy, haha (love ya!).

Rebecca, you’re the happiest little sweetheart… I love putting you down for naps and bedtime because I just get to rock with you in my arms and watch your eyes flutter close while I sing. It’s the one time you get cuddly and let mama snuggle you close. You are my sunshine, little princess.

mommy and baby girl(yea, blurry Instagram photos!)

We love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times,
Mama, Daddy, & Ryan

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