Baby on Board!

Nooo, that’s not a pregnancy announcement, there’s no baby on board here! Haha. But it IS about babies in cars and their safety. I see news articles far too often about unnecessary harm and injury to children because of incorrect car seat installation or forward facing too early or misuse of car seats and straps. It’s something I feel strongly about because I truly think in most cases it’s a lack of awareness and education on the topic. All it takes is one person to tell those parents how their car seat is supposed to be used!

Not too long ago I wrote an entire post on car seat safety, full of tips and common facts that some people just aren’t aware of. I fully admit that I used the car seat incorrectly when Ryan was little (like putting him in it with his puffy winter coat on) because I didn’t know any better. The first time someone explained to me that you shouldn’t do that for safety reasons, I stopped, and then I spread the word. Check out that link for more safety tips.

baby on board sign

You know those yellow “Baby on Board” signs? We bought one when I was pregnant with Ryan to put in our car… I think it’s a nice way to show other drivers you have super precious cargo and to kindly… back off, haha.

Well now you can design your own! 21st Century is looking for new ideas to recreate the classic yellow Baby on Board sign!

PRIZES: EVERY WEEK a winner will be chosen to receive a new car seat–for a baby or a toddler, winner’s choice. There’s also a GRAND PRIZE that all entries will be eligible to win for a $10,000 baby room makeover!

Do you have a knack for carpentry? Love to crochet? How about a little Photoshop magic? All artistic mediums and sizes are welcome. Your creation does not need to use the yellow sign and does not need to say “Baby on Board” – it can just represent a “Baby on Board.”

baby on board

You can enter now through March 15th, 2013. Find more details on how to enter and the rules on Century 21st’s contest page. You can also check it out on their facebook page.

I can’t wait to see all the creative ideas! I hope you enter and help spread the word on car seat safety…. good luck!

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