What this WAHM has been up to…

When Ryan was a baby I was teaching anatomy and physiology classes at our local college, but I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom now for over a year. I’m incredibly lucky that I’m able to stay home with the two kids while they’re still little. I have an open invitation to teach at the college again when I’m ready, but honestly I don’t know what I’ll end up doing.

I’ve never been good at sitting still… I’m happiest when I’m busy and I like being a hard worker. My passion used to be with the sciences – human biology and animal behavior. I certainly still love science, but my focus has shifted to moms and babies… birth options and advocacy, women’s health, etc. There are days I really miss my students and teaching about the human body–maybe I’ll go back and teach one day a week or something–but for now I’m really enjoying what I’m able to do from home.

I started this blog in April 2009 when I became pregnant with Ryan. Steve and I were living in Iowa (after college) and all our friends and family were in IL so I wanted a way to easily keep everyone up to date (as if I was the only person ever to be pregnant? lol). Anyway, it just kind of took off from there, I’m not even really sure how, and here I am. It has given me an entirely new skill set that I’ve been able to use for supplemental income for this family.

I know I’ve neglected this blog for the past few months in terms of my personal writing and I do really hope I’m able to get back to that someday–more posts about my passions of birth and women’s health. My two active children keep me busy enough that my blog has lately only focused on the paying aspects of my work. I have ideas for posts all the time, but they never get written–or I write them in much shorter versions on my facebook page.

So, anyway, I wanted to share with all of you what I work on every day…. what is keeping my busy (besides the children, the husband, and the house)… and how I earn income from this whole “blogging thing:”

  • The Baby Ladies. I teamed up with two other lovely women to form this trio… our goal is to become a top resource for relevant news and information related to moms and babies, to create more informed and educated parents, and to raise awareness on important issues. The three of us form a wide variety of expertise in social media as well as experience in the “mom” world… baby loss, miscarriage, hospital births, medicated births, natural births, VBAC, homebirth, doulas, OBs, midwives, advocacy, non-profits… This is a very exciting venture that is just taking off.

the baby ladies

  • Blogger Baby Shower. Last August in NYC I co-hosted the Blogger Baby Shower for a Cause. We welcomed bloggers that were pregnant, new moms, and trying to conceive to introduce them to relevant brands and products and also to raise awareness for our cause on newborn screening and CHDs. This will be an annual event and we are deep in planning the 2013 baby shower, which will be in July in Chicago… this will be THE mom/baby party to attend… the location is a surprise at the moment, but try to picture a beautiful rooftop overlooking the city 😉

baby shower

  • LABOR Fest: Learning About Birth Options in Rockford. This is local to my area and is a fundraising party I’m hosting along with the other ICAN co-leader. We’re raising awareness (and money) for the International Cesarean Awareness Network, specifically our chapter of the Rock River Valley. This will be in late April and we’re currently working on promo and securing sponsors for a silent auction, etc.
  • Websites. Who knew I’d ever be creating websites? I’m no pro, far from it, but I do really enjoy “messing around” with design and CSS. Apparently I neglect my own blog, haha, but I’ve made my freelance site (Emily R Dickey), my brother’s business (Rocky Mountain Install), and The Baby Ladies. Yes, they all use the same child theme from the Genesis framework – love it – and so far it has worked, but I would like to purchase more!

fort collins satellite tv installation

  • My blog. I do make a fair income now from my blog, mainly through ambassadorships. I do accept ads, but don’t have many or barely make much from them. I also do write sponsored posts that bring in some nice chunks of change, but they aren’t my main source of income. Ambassadorships range in length of time, but usually last a few months, and I currently have 3.
  • Freelancing. I do contract work now for other businesses with all that I’ve learned about social media and blogging. This includes short- and long-term contracts and ranges from copywriting for company websites, creating and/or managing social media accounts, writing blog posts and newsletters, and ghostwriting. I really love what I do!

freelance blogger

  • CBE. Slowly but surely I’m working on becoming a certified childbirth educator. Our area desperately needs an out-of-hospital educator–I drove 2 hours every week for my natural childbirth class when I was pregnant with Rebecca. I have the perfect space set up in my home to teach classes.

How do I get it all done?! (COFFEE) I have a babysitter at the house on Tuesday mornings for a few hours to watch the kids while I get work done–she’s here right now. Steve takes the kids to his grandma’s for dinner every Tuesday night, too, so I also plan on that… otherwise I get work done here and there while the kids nap or on nights and weekends when Steve is home. It has been really wonderful to do what I love and have such a flexible schedule.

I still do the occasional product review & giveaway, too, which is what I’m off to work on right now! 🙂

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