Step2 Touring Wagon: to grandma’s house we go!

The Step2 Touring Wagon was received in exchange for my review and opinion.

step2 touring wagon

We are in love with our new Step2 Touring Wagon! Late last year we moved back into town where both of our families live and actually bought a house about a mile away from my parents. There are no busy roads on the way, it’s just a short walk through quiet neighborhoods. It is FINALLY nice enough outside to actually make the walk to go see Grandma! Ryan loves it and this wagon is perfect for the trek!

step2 touring wagon

There are so many ways to use the Step2 Touring Wagon, but the photo above shows our favorite… with the red table set up between them. We’ve had this wagon for about a month now and have actually used it most of the time indoors because it has been too cold. It has been a toy storage box, a picnic table for lunch and snacks, a ride in circles around the family room (ha), and a great way for Ryan to run over his little sister 😉

step2 touring wagon

There are so many features that we love:

    • The sun canopy is great for giving the kids some shade, but it just pops right off if you don’t want to use it.
    • FOUR cup holders! Two by the handle for adults and two on the inside for the kids (as well as 2 more on the table trays!)
    • Two seats with seat belts–Rebecca (1yo) needs this or she’ll fall or try to climb out!
    • The handle is sturdy and sometimes I actually push the wagon instead of pulling it.
    • You can easily store the handle underneath the wagon.
    • There are SO many ways to use this! With a table top, as a flatbed, for kids to sit in or lie down…

step2 touring wagon

As you can see in my photos above, when the red table isn’t being used, the two pieces can be stored easily on the inner side of the wagon… this still gives the kids the leg space below. OR you can place the red table pieces upside down so they cover the leg space and your wagon bed becomes flat! For one kid, this is great for them to stretch their legs out or lie down, but if we have both kids riding in there, it ends in a lot of kicking, haha, so we don’t do this often.

You can also remove the blue sides of the wagon and the seats (they easily pop off) so you just have a flat bed–great for transporting larger items.

step2 touring wagon

I told you we used it as a toy storage box, haha. One of Ryan’s favorite things to do with the Step2 Touring Wagon is fill the leg space with toys! Anything he can find! Then he’ll put the red trays on top to hide them from his sister and have a “secret compartment.” He also likes to make “special deliveries,” haha. It’s too cute and it keeps him occupied for a long time. I’m glad we can use it indoors, too, because we have too many cold months here in the Midwest.

Any negatives of the wagon? Not really. The only thing I’ve noticed is that I wish the handle was a tiny bit longer… but that’s because I’m short (and have short arms). When I walk with the stroller, I tend to run over my feet, lol. My husband also had one suggestion, which I would have never thought of! We live in a neighborhood with a lot of hills and after taking the kids on a couple of walks in the Step2 Touring Wagon, my husband said a safety strap would be nice! He gets nervous he’ll accidentally let go at the top of a hill, eek!

You can get the Step2 Touring Wagon at Toys R Us for $119.99.

I am a Step2 Test Drive Blogger. I received products in exchange for my review and opinion. No other compensation was provided.

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