HelloFresh: the answer to my cooking disasters!

You guys should know by now that I’m not a cook. I hate cooking. Thanks, mom, for that trait 😉 Since getting married, and especially since having kids, I have been trying a lot harder, but I still can’t cook without a recipe. My husband is amazing at just throwing things together and having it taste amazing… and I know he can thank his mom for that trait! You know what else I hate? Going to the grocery store with 2 small kids in tow…… You guys, I’ve found the answer to my problem and it’s called HelloFresh.



HelloFresh creates the recipes. They deliver the fresh ingredients to your doorstep. They include recipe cards with instructions and photos. You cook in 30 minutes or less.

WHAT?! I don’t have to go to the store… I don’t have to menu plan and figure out what in the world I’m going to cook… I don’t have to find a recipe… AND I get to use fresh ingredients that I honestly NEVER would have bought on my own.

HelloFresh is a weekly fresh food delivery service that is currently available in the midwest and east coast. Check here to see if they deliver in your area. They create 5 new meals each week and you get to select the 3 you want delivered to your doorstep. It cannot be easier.

And yes, everything arrived fresh, properly sealed and packaged, and it was DELICIOUS. We received a classic box to try out (they also have vegetarian boxes) and our recipes were: coconut chicken soup with lemongrass, steak and sweet potatoes with broccolini, and seared scallops with pancetta fettucine.


I have never in my life cooked with lemongrass, scallops, or broccolini. I have never cooked steaks (the husband usually does). But with the fresh ingredients and the super easy recipe cards from HelloFresh? It was a piece of cake–even for someone that hates to cook–and I felt like a cooking pro!!! My husband was REALLY happy, too.


The recipe cards are in full color with a meal description and ingredient list on one side and step-by-step photo & text directions on the other side. Who know you could make these fancy meals in about 6 easy steps?! They have it sorted out to make the meal the easiest, most efficient way possible.


Oh, hey, just cooking with some lemongrass. Throw some things in a pot, chop up some veggies, cook some chicken…. delicious coconut soup! I don’t like coconut, but this was amazing. It was light and refreshing, but very filling with the chicken and veggies. A great summer soup!


The seared scallops I didn’t even get a picture of because it was eaten so quickly! I’m not a big scallops fan, but my husband loves them. He ate all of those and I just ate around them, not a problem at all. The pasta was still plenty and very tasty.

The steak was so easy (I can’t believe I’ve never made it before) and really good. I may have overcooked them a litttttle bit (newbie mistake) and that’s because I didn’t follow the directions from HelloFresh! I left the steaks in a little longer than they suggested… guess I should have listened lol.


The entire steak meal was amazing–I had to yell at my husband, “Wait! Stop eating! I need to take a picture before it’s gone!!!!” I’m such a picky eater (can you tell yet?) and I would never have made sweet potatoes or broccolini… but I ate everything and want more!

I am beyond thrilled with what I received from HelloFresh, it not only made my life way easier, but it also got us eating healthier foods and new recipes I definitely would not have tried otherwise. With the ability to choose 3 out of 5 meals for the week, you’re sure to get things you’ll enjoy and it’s plenty of food! It says one box is for 2 people, but we found it to be more food than that… we fed ourselves as well as our 3yo son (he doesn’t eat much though, haha), and still had leftovers for the next night or for my husband to take to work for lunch!


Some interesting details: meals are between 400 – 800 calories, they include everything (except salt, pepper, butter, and olive oil), delivery is free, and you can subscribe to the weekly service for consistent fresh food at your door!

Check out HelloFresh for delivery and subscription options (the classic box is $69/week) and make sure you find them on facebook, twitter, and pinterest!

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