Ryan will huff and puff and blow your house down!

It’s kind of weird to realize what memories you have of your childhood. I mean, many of them are just so random… sure you remember falling off your bike and scraping up your knee or your trip to Disney… but I also have memories of playing “panda family” with the boy down the street, leaving May Day baskets on the neighbors’ front doors, and… acting out plays with my brother for the video camera.

One of our favorites, at least in MY memory, was The Three Little Pigs. I know my mom has it on camera because I can recall watching it years ago. I remember acting it out in our living room (the “quiet room,” as our parents creatively named it) with my brother. He was the big, bad wolf that visited me, each of the three pigs, in their homes. We all know the story… he successfully blew down the first two and all 3 pigs lived happily ever after in the third home of brick. What fun we had in a world without computers and cell phones!!! Haha.

I want to pass on those stories to our children. I want them to know the classics, sing the lullabies, and act out some awesome imaginative play. So when I saw the HABA wolf puppet and 3 little pigs (by Lilliputiens) I HAD TO HAVE IT.

wolf puppet

It’s SOOOO cute. There’s a wolf hand puppet and he’s all decked out in a furry vest and corduroy pants (and big, bad teeth!). Then there are 3 little pigs that are finger puppets and they each have a little tent of a house. In my photo above you can see the 3 pigs attached to the front of the wolf… that was how it came packaged, I hadn’t cut them free yet because my son was too excited about the wolf puppet, haha.

wolf puppet

I think it’s cute that each pig is dressed in the same material as their house so you know where they belong (straw, sticks, or bricks). First, I had to act out the whole thing by myself because Ryan didn’t quite know the story yet. I showed him how to use the puppets and how the pigs would hide in their house and the wolf would huff and puff and blow the house down!

wolf puppet

In the upper left photo, Ryan is blowing down the house! In the bottom left photo, Ryan said, “Oh no, mommy! The wolf blew ME down!”

The suggested age is 0-2, but Ryan is 3.5 and adores it. He now actually uses the puppets and attempts to tell the story–or at least his super adorable version of it. I don’t know how much of that he would have done a year ago–he seems to have just entered the imaginative play stage recently. Rebecca is 1 and she loves the set, as well, but just to hug and carry around with her, haha. The GREAT part is that all the houses and pigs fit in the back of the wolf (where your hand goes), it velcros shut, and there’s even a little loop (that Ryan uses to carry it around like a purse).

wolf puppet

Lilliputiens has so much adorable stuff (distributed exclusively in the US by HABA). The colors are fantastic–bright and gender neutral–and everything¬†really encourages imaginative play.There’s a farm house with animals that I like and I’d really like to get the kids one of the babies that comes with a bottle, clothes, a bed, and stuffed animal. I think both Ryan and Rebecca would love it!

You can get your own wolf puppet set for $64.99 and make sure you find HABA on their social media channels–they’re fantastic: facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, and youtube.

~I received the wolf puppet set from HABA to facilitate this review, but was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own!

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