sweet baby girl’s room: teal and red nursery decor ideas

Beautiful nursery decor ideas for a teal and red room! Feminine and sweet without all the pink 🙂 These are photos from my friend’s nursery for her little girl, Everly.

Nursery Decor Ideas

red nursery decor ideas

I love it because it’s super pretty and girly without being full of PINK everywhere. The walls are shades of teal, the furniture is white, and accessories are red (with some pink).

red nursery decor ideas

My friend, Joanna, found this canvas on Amazon and based the rest of the nursery decor ideas off of it. It’s a gorgeous piece! Joanna’s entire house kind of has a bird theme so this fit in well and the colors are bright and perfect for a nursery. She matched colors for the walls, bedding, and other decor accessories.

red nursery decor ideas

Could this mobile have matched any more perfectly?! I love how the crib is full of stuffed animals <3 Of course I have to point out that the baby hadn’t been born yet and this was for cuteness… baby Everly doesn’t sleep in there with the stuffed animals and crib bumpers 😉

red nursery decor ideas

Joanna’s Aunt painted that tree on the wall. She matched the colors and even the look of the birds wonderfully from the canvas hanging above the crib. She did an amazing job, right?! The quilt hanging on the rocker was handmade by a family member and the cute lamp with the white flowered shade was found at Hobby Lobby!

red nursery decor ideas

A nursery isn’t complete without some love and baby books!

red nursery decor ideas

red nursery decor ideas

The decorative bird houses are a cute touch to add to the theme of the room.

red nursery decor ideas

The previous baby of the house! He doesn’t even know what’s about to  happen 😉

red nursery decor ideas

Mama all ready for her baby girl!

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