Britax Frontier 90 harness to booster car seat

Britax is a brand our family loves and trusts. If you have kids or if you’re pregnant and have been researching car seats (and strollers), I am sure you’re familiar with their name. They’ve been a leader in the industry for over 70 years and continuously develop innovations that make our children safer and our lives easier. Rebecca is currently in the BOB B-Safe infant car seat by Britax and Ryan was in the Pavilion 70-G3 convertible car seat by Britax. Now we are trying out the new Britax Frontier 90 harness-to-booster seat!

Britax Frontier 90

britax frontier 90

It’s forward-facing only so it’s for kids that are at least 25 pounds AND over 2 years of age. We all know that it’s recommended now to keep your child rear-facing until they’re at least 2, so I appreciate the age limit on this seat from Britax. Ryan is 3.5 and somewhere around 35 pounds so we thought it was time to check out our next seat… and this one will grow with him for a long time. We can use it as a forward-facing harness seat until 90 lb and/or 58″ tall and then we can use it as a booster seat up to 120 lb and 62″ tall. You guys, I could fit in this booster seat.

I don’t even know where to start because there’s so much about this seat that we love. We’ve tried our share of car seats… adjusting the straps manually (GAHHHHHH), swearing at the back seat during installation, and untwisting straps constantly. Not with this baby! Here are some of my favorite things:

ClickTight Installation System

britax frontier 90

My car doesn’t have the LATCH system so we always install with the car seat belt and not only is it difficult and a hassle, I never feel like it’s as safe. I never feel like I can get the seat as tight. But this new technology from Britax, the ClickTight system, is AMAZING. I had doubts–I thought it couldn’t be that secure. Take my word for it–it is. And it’s SO EASY. The seat has color coded arrows so you follow the ones for the harness system… the lower part of the seat back actually opens up, allowing you to access the “inside” of the car seat and put your seat belt through there (shown in the photos above). I don’t even want to use the term “thread” because that makes it sound difficult. It’s like buckling yourself in; it’s easy. Then you close the back panel, tether the seat at the top, and you’re set to go. The thing DOES NOT BUDGE. I am in love. With a car seat. Don’t tell my husband.

Quick-Adjust No-Rethread Harness

britax frontier 90

I cannot believe we ever had to manually move shoulder straps–and I can’t believe future parents will never have to know that pain lol. This is the most amazing thing EVER. There’s simply a button on the top of the seat that moves the harness shoulder height and head restraint  up and down in seconds. You literally push a button.

The Harness

britax frontier 90

It’s tangle free. This has probably added hours to my life, haha. There are also HUGS Chest Pads (Harness Ultra Guard System) that resist forward movement in a car crash. I also like these because, at least for ME, they signal a reminder to always re-position the chest clip at armpit level!

The Cup (toy) Holders

britax frontier 90

I worry less about Ryan dropping and spilling his cup because these holders are here. But even better, they’re like a special treat to Ryan. His own little cubby hole… where he can place a little toy or his sippy cup without his sister getting to them! It’s a sure-fire way to get him in the car when we need to go somewhere. “Ryan, do you think that will fit in your cup holder?!” or “What should we store in your cup holder during this car ride?!” Haha.

britax frontier 90

The Britax Frontier 90 also has: true side impact protection, a base with SafeCell Technology, energy-absorbing versa-tether with a two-point attachment to anchor the top of the car seat, front-adjust recline, comfort foam, two buckle positions, and an EZ-Buckle System that keeps the harness buckle forward so your child won’t sit on it during boarding–making my life easier! And of course it easily converts to a booster seat once your child is ready.

britax frontier 90

The Britax Frontier 90 comes in the 5 fabric options shown above and has an MSRP of $329.99. Make sure you find Britax on twitter and facebook, too, for more info and deals!

~I received the Britax Frontier 90 to facilitate this review. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own!

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