crossing off my to-do lists with Staples

By looking at my house you’d never know that I like to be organized, haha… let’s just say that’s one thing I may have lost control over. But everyone that reads my blog knows that I’m a list-maker, right?! It helps keep me sane. Ya know the infamous “preggo brain” you get during pregnancy? What no one ever tells you is that it is WORSE after the baby is born! MOMNESIA. It’s real. I’d be lost without my lists and schedules and calendars.


I love the capabilities of the internet and I work on the computer every day… but I still need my pen and paper! It’s easier for me to remember things when I physically write them down and it’s easier to complete tasks when they’re on paper right in front of me. I was recently sent a customizable notepad and accessories from Staples. The notepad doesn’t leave my desk and I use it everyday.


The notebook has a nice leather cover (mine is in a burgundy color) and you can actually get it in letter size like mine or in a junior size. I have lots of little notebooks so I wanted the larger one to keep track of all work/blog/volunteer materials and lists.

What I love about THIS notebook is that the pages are all repositionable… they easily pull out (without tearing) and you simply push them back in anywhere you want. This also means you can add in more pages as needed, including some fun accessories.


Obviously the to-do list inserts are MY FAVORITE, lol. They’re lined like the regular paper, but they have a beginning column for priority and an ending column to check-off your tasks.

I use the clear pocket dividers to separate my notebook into my work categories, like product reviews, paid post & jobs, around the house, etc. I use the tab dividers to easily find each section. Then each category starts with the to-do list paper. It’s nice to have everything in one spot and it’s nice to simply add more paper when I need it or remove old to-do lists once I’m finished.


Don’t forget the fun colored pens!


Staples also has eco-friendly products to choose from, including printer paper. I hate wasting paper, we always save old pieces and print on both sides. I appreciate the option for Sustainable Earth copy paper from Staples that’s made of 95% sugarcane.


You can find all your office needs (even COFFEE!!!) at Staples–be sure to find them on facebook and twitter, too! Ahhh, now I can cross this post off my to-do list 😉

~I was sent items to facilitate this review. I was not compensated and all opinions and compulsive list-making habits are my own!

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