Ryan and Rebecca go to the Madison Zoo!

I have so many plans for this summer of fun… just trying to cram everything in before Ryan starts preschool in the fall! Ryan has been to the zoo before… this same Madison zoo, actually. But that was two years ago (wow!) and he definitely doesn’t remember it. He was thrilled to go this time and see the animals in person that we’re always talking and reading about. Rebecca was excited, too, and couldn’t stop staring and squealing at the the animals.

I think it’s funny that we went to the zoo and I have basically NO photos of the animals… too busy taking pictures of my own little animals 😉 If you’re ever in the area, the Madison zoo is free and it’s pretty awesome! Ryan said his favorite was the giant turtle or the giraffe and he told stories all about the big, tall giraffe and the shorter baby giraffe, aww.

Madison Zoo



madison zooWho’s more excited?!

madison zoo

madison zoo



3 comments to Ryan and Rebecca go to the Madison Zoo!

  • As much as we’ve been to Madison with Allie, we still haven’t made it to the Zoo! Maybe we’ll go next Summer, she seemed a little peeved last weekend that she couldn’t play with the monkeys at the Milwaukee Zoo haha.


  • Olivia Rubin

    Zoos are my favorite. It’s having all the books you read to kids come to life. Love that they had a petting/feeding area and they were brave enough to venture up to the animals.
    The carousel…last time I went on one I somehow got nauseous and I think I was in a stationary seat!


  • Jennifer Young

    We are only a few hours away, but have never been the the Madison Zoo! I would really like to make it out there this summer. We usually go to the Racine or Milwaukee Zoo.


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