Highlights magazines: NEW Hidden Pictures Club!

You remember growing up with Highlights magazines, right? They’ve been around for over 65 years… and everyone remembers the hidden pictures! I remember sitting in doctor or dentist offices and having Highlights to keep me busy. I am thrilled that such a wonderful company is still here for MY kids, and with new products! In addition to the classic Highlights (ages 6-12), they now have High Five (ages 2-6), and Hello (ages 0-2)!

Highlights magazines

highlights magazines

When I was in Chicago at the end of July, I was invited to attend a breakfast with Highlights. We got to check out some of their magazines (that I took home for my kids!) and hear about something NEW!


The Hidden Pictures Club! *I’m* excited and these are magazines for KIDS, lol. But who doesn’t love a little hide-and-seek? In each book there are 32-pages of hidden-object scenes and related activities. There are two levels: Let’s Play for ages 3-6 and Eagle-Eye for ages 6+.

highlights magazines

When you join the Hidden Picture Club (at either book level), you get the first book for just $5.49 (+$2.45 s/h) and a second book and a tote bag for free. As a member of the club, you’ll continue to get 2 new books about every 4 weeks (at $5.49 per book with $2.45 s/h).

You’re free to cancel at anytime, no minimum books necessary. AND? Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed–you can return any shipment you don’t want at the expense of Highlights and get a full refund. Once your child completes the Let’s Play level, they’ll start receiving the Eagle-Eye books (unless you notify Highlights that your child is ready to move up sooner).

Highlights magazine

I love love love this idea. Auto shipments are all the rage right now and there is never anything better than books! Both of my kids (1.5yo and 3.5yo) love books, pointing out things in photos, sounding out words, etc. Hidden pictures are so much fun!

This Club would make a GREAT Christmas or birthday gift. Your first order arrives within 4 weeks so if you’re planning on Christmas, make sure you order in time for it to get here for something FUN to open on Christmas morning… or roll it up and put it in the stocking!

Remember when I said I got to have breakfast with Highlights and take home some books and Highlights magazines for my own kids? And THANK GOODNESS… they were a life-saver on our flight to Cozumel a week later for our family vacation.

car seat on airplane

So go check out the NEW Hidden Pictures Club... and don’t tell Ryan what’s coming for Christmas! 😉 You can also find Highlights magazines on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

~This is NOT a sponsored post. I did attend breakfast with Highlights and received a few of their products, but this post was not a requirement. I’m writing it to share with you because our family loves them 🙂

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