Wish I could be… part of that world!

~I received product to facilitate this review of The Little Mermaid on Blu-ray/DVD. All opinions are my own!

I want allllllll the Disney movies. I remember going over to my 2nd grade teacher’s house when I was a little kid (why? I have no idea), but I DO remember that she had a bookshelf FULL of Disney movies. I mean, like every one ever. And I.was.jealous. It instantly became my life goal, haha. Now with the new releases on Blu-ray and DVD (and, oh yea, it’s FOR THE KIDS, I swear), I’m starting my collection! We have a few Disney classics and some of the newer ones, too. I’m THRILLED to be reviewing the new Blu-ray The Little Mermaid!

little mermaid

Ryan doesn’t like new things. He likes the things he’s used to. If I try to get him to watch a new movie or something, uh-uh, no way. I sooo wanted him to watch (and love) The Little Mermaid so I tried a different approach. He loves fairies right now so it went like this:

Mom: “Ryan, we got a NEW movie! Let’s watch The Little Mermaid!”

Ryan: “No!”

Mom: “But… they’re just like FAIRIES! Only instead of flying… they SWIM! They’re MERMAIDS!”

Ryan: “Oh… OKAY!”

And as the movie plays….

Ryan: “Mom! Look at that guy swimming!”

Me: “It’s not a guy, it’s a mermaid!”

Ryan: “No… look! It’s a guy!”

Mom: “HALF guy. Look at the other half of him… FISH! That’s a mermaid!”

Ryan: ::mind blown::

little mermaid

And I have to admit that he has asked just about every single day if he can watch The Little Mermaid. He LOVES it. And we allllllllll know the scene from the image above, right? All together now:

“Wish I could be… part of that wooooooooooorld…”

The Little Mermaid Blu-ray/DVD was just released on October 1st and it’s full of goodies! You can play it in English, Spanish, or French, when you pause the movie it takes you to fun intermission sequences, and there are bonus features. You can watch music videos, the making of The Little Mermaid, deleted scenes!!!, the original trailer, and… did you know there was a deleted character called Harold the Merman?!

You must check out the website for The Little Mermaid – related crafts for kids, video clips, dress up games, video clips, and a “fill in the lyrics” game <– you KNOW you want to play. Buy your copy of The Little Mermaid on Blu-ray/DVD (with digital copy) for $32.99 at Target! You can also find The Little Mermaid on Facebook and Twitter (or #LittleMermaid).

~I received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

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