MomFeeds: digital magazine for us! (giveaway)

This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers and The Motherhood. However, all opinions are my own.

We all know how busy moms are, right? I certainly don’t have to tell you that! We’re the story tellers, cooks, magic makers, boo-boo kissers, teachers, psychologists, accountants, maids, party planners, homework helpers, and oh so much more. I used to take something as simple as reading a magazine for granted as it is now a (very rare) special treat… I mean, how often to you get to sit down, curl up, and read through one? Nope, not here.

Well now there’s a magazine MOM-STYLE. First, it’s digital so we can read it whenever we can, wherever we are. Second, it’s full of “bite-sized” stories… exactly what us moms have time for! Recipes, tips, deals, and news…check out MomFeeds:


You can read MomFeeds on the Flipboard app (free on Apple devices and Android). Just download Flipboard if you don’t have it already, search for MomFeeds, and subscribe for daily fun! OR you can visit the website and scroll through MomFeeds there.

So I tried to take screenshots on my iPhone of my favorite articles and tips to show you guys… and yikes, I had to stop reading because I was starting to screenshot all of them, haha. Zero to Brunch in 11 minutes??! YUM. Comfort Food Made Easy, Celeb-Style Makeovers for Mom, New Mom Survival Kit… so much to read.


You can easily flip through the cover stories–images and short clips about the article–and if you want to see more, just click through and read the fun mom-sized story! Click to go back to the magazine and flip through the covers again until you find something else to read. I’ll warn you that I wanted to read all of them 😉 I even saw an article on there from a fellow blog friend, too cool!

MomFeeds is from Weight Watchers, the world’s leading provider of weight management services with subscription products on their website. Check out the video tutorial of MomFeeds:

GIVEAWAY: there will be TWO lucky winners! Each winner will get a copy of the Weight Watchers Ultimate Chicken Cookbook. The hardcover cookbook includes 250 of Weight Watchers’ best-ever recipes focusing on this versatile ingredient. Value: $29.99 each.


Weight Watchers is providing the prizes, but did not design and is not administering the sweepstakes. This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers and The Motherhood and I received a 3-month trial subscription to Weight Watchers Online. However, all opinions are my own. 

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