DIY Fairy Costume for Boys

Ryan first fell in love with pirates because of that TV show “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.” So of course I had to show him Peter Pan, one of our childhood favorites. And then? He became obsessed with Tinkerbell… and we saw the Tinkerbell movies… and he loves allllll the fairies. One day we got some pixie dust (from far far away!) and the poor kid was so disappointed when it didn’t make things fly!

Anyway, with Halloween coming up I had been asking him what he wanted to be…. a fairy, OF COURSE! He told me all about it–he wanted pixie dust and wings, but we were running out of pixie dust so only he could fly with it, Rebecca (his sister) and I would have to stay “grounded.” I wasn’t too surprised when I searched the internet and couldn’t find a single fairy costume for boys. I like making my kids’ costumes anyway, so I searched for ideas and got crafty. I found ONE great photo of a boy in a fairy costume and I used ideas from that and from the boy fairy in Tinkerbell.

fairy costume for boys

It was actually very easy. First I hit up Salvation Army and I found:

  • a long-sleeve green shirt (bought in one size larger than usual so it’d be long enough to cut the bottom and sleeve-ends jagged)
  • brown leggings (from the girls section, bought one size larger)
  • brown button down (I could only find a polo, but the idea is to cut it short anyway so it worked)
  • brown hat (the one I found actually had a flower stitched on one side, but I just planned on covering it with leaves)
  • tan-colored belt (bought in the men’s section–I cut off the buckle ends and tied it around the waist)
  • matching tan-colored men’s socks (to put over the shoes and slouch around the ankles)

I cut the bottom of the green shirt jagged, as well as the ends of the sleeves. I cut the brown short-sleeve polo jagged just above the waist-line. And I did cut the toes off the tan socks, but in hindsight probably should have left them.

Next stop: Jo-Ann Fabrics. I was super lucky to find the brown feathered wings here. I love them! I had actually already bought a pair for him and they were white and sparkly, but I thought these would match the whole costume much better AND they were 70% off (one week before Halloween). The arm straps are a little big on Ryan so I just used safety pins to shorten them.

I bought a bag of loose leaves and hot glued them randomly onto the costume. And finally, I bought some white glitter and little drawstring mesh bags for pixie dust! Turns out the glitter was too fine and the mesh too large to be contained in those bags, but I tied the bag to his belt anyway–you can kind of see it in the photo above, it’s gold and near his hands.

Last stop: Walmart, only because I forgot this piece at the fabric store, haha. I got a 23-cent piece of brown felt that I cut into a strip, rolled, and hot glued onto the top of his hat to make an acorn hat!

Fairy Costume for Boys

fairy costume for boys

fairy costumes

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