You can have YOUR all

Written in partnership with Jane Goldner – any opinions are my own.


Who doesn’t “want it all?” Especially with the ease of networking via the internet, we’re able to see what others are doing, what others are buying, and what others have. We might think our best friend or that blogger or the neighbor down the street “has it all” and we want it, too. That’s not entirely bad, because it drives us to succeed, right? It offers some motivation.


But a wonderful point made by Jane Goldner in her new book, “Women Driven to Success,” is that you need to figure out what YOUR “all” is. It won’t do you much good to go after a spot in a news story like your neighbor if you’re camera shy and it won’t get you very far if you try to land a book contract if you have no passion in telling stories. What may appear like “having it all” to one person certainly doesn’t mean it has to be what YOU need to have it all.



In Jane Goldner’s book, women will figure out what THEIR ALL is with examples from others, a toolkit, and skills for negotiation and confrontation. Read more on Amazon and order a copy of Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR All.


Dr. Goldner is a business consultant with nearly 30 years experience. She’s worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, the US Military and with some of the foremost executive leaders in the country. In addition, Dr. Goldner is both an adjunct professor at the Coles School of Business Kennesaw State University and in the Leadership and Organization Development Master’s Degree program at PCOM.


Written in partnership with Jane Goldner – any opinions are my own.

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